Personal Happiness Is Not Related To Economic Success. What Society Think?

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In the cutting edge, happiness is conditional on person to person. It is just a state of mind that how an individual keeps himself contented self-contented. Some people believe that money is a more vital element whereas others opine that there are also some other components which give satisfaction. This essay will discuss both views; however, I support the letter view, and this will elucidate in the substantial paragraphs.

To commence with, most of the multitudes claim that the monetary part is crucial for peace of mind. To elaborate it they feel pleased when they buy expensive gadgets or spend a huge amount of money on materialistic things. For instance, there was a headline in the Moscow times in 2018 which revealed that 40% of the people spent around 60% of their monthly income only on worldly things like mobiles, speakers, cars etc.
Personal Happiness Is Not Related To Economic Success. What Society Think?Make With Canva

On the other hand, the masses do not agree with the affirmation notion because they think that there are also some other elements that lead to a happy soul in terms of family love and deeds. In other words, one feels satisfied When he or she is surrounded by their loved ones. Sometimes deeds of a person also play an important role in his joy as a person experiences cheerfulness while helping others or needy people. To epitome, research was conducted by the USA in which they found many people spent most of the time in old age home to help the old people. Hence it would seem that joyness also depends on other factors too.

To conclude, both the points have their own significance, and it is clear from the above essay that capital contributes to happiness and other reasons like family relations mankind are also equally important.

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