Natural Beauty Such as Lakes, Beaches, Parks and Mountains Are Being Surrounded by Garbage

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Individuals are solely responsible for deteriorating the natural environment. For instance, water bodies are being polluted by tourists or local people. The atmosphere is immensely affected by trash thrown around by humankind. This essay will discuss the problems and remedies for overcoming the present scenario.

Firstly, the resources and reservoirs are seriously damaged by human interference. For example, visitors threw away used plastic bottles, cans or polythene covers in water. This gives rise to the unhygienic environment, which in turn affects the physical health of humans. Due to garbage, insects such as house flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches take birth. These creatures might cause severe medical conditions if they sit on food later consumed by human beings. Besides this, aquatic life is also in danger.

Water is a precious commodity of life. The administration should impose laws against throwing garbage in lakes, rivers etc. Also, dustbins should be placed at appropriate places for putting rubbish. In addition to this, fines must be imposed on disobeying the law. Furthermore, authorities must create public awareness about the importance of these natural beauties. Its safety is needed to live a blissful life. For instance, advertisements can prove a medium to spread information about its necessity. The area can be safeguarded by cleaning regularly.

What’s more? Limited tourists should be allowed at a time to visit these places. The use of plastic bags near the sea, lake etc., can be banned totally to eradicate the prevailing issue. A simple step of placing waste in the garbage can contribute to the well-being of our surroundings.

In conclusion, the atmosphere is in danger due to human negligence. This, in turn, is life-threatening for all living things. By following strict legal rules, banning plastic near water bodies, imposing penalties, limiting the number of visitors, using trash bins etc. can be a weapon to survive in future. Together each person must work to enjoy the benefits of nature.

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