Why People Are Following an Unhealthy Diet and No Exercise

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An unhealthy diet is becoming popular in recent days. It is believed that a higher number of people now eat street foods without undergoing exercise. This essay will discuss the reason for this behaviour and the possible solution to it.

The majority of people are employed in time-consuming jobs that demand them to work for quite several hours. Some of these people are either running their businesses or employed in a company. This is known to be a significant factor that instigates such people to feed on junk and have no time for exercise. For instance, a study conducted at Stanford University reported that 65% of fast-food consumers are people who spend most of their daytime at work and have no time to cook. This report explains why such people developed an alternative of eating street food and an unhealthy diet.


However, a reduction in the number of hours people work can create the opportunity to prepare their food at home. For example, in an interview conducted for workers on coping with stress at work, some participants indicated that if the number of hours they work can be reduced, it will be an advantage for them to eat healthily instead of feasting on the street foods. In addition, the provision of gyms and relaxation centres at work with a backup mandatory exercise routine for workers will improve their participation in exercises. The imagination of a gym centre at work without having to travel or book a particular time for it will therefore stimulate people to indulge in an exercising behaviour.

In conclusion, eating junk is becoming popular, and this is due to the longer time people spend at work. This can be tackled with the reduction in the quantity of time people work, and availability of exercise centres at work will proffer a solution to the challenges itemised.

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