Benefits of plant trees in the open spaces in towns and cities to Protect environment

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It is certainly true that planting tree plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem in the contemporary era. Many individuals become more materialistic than ever, and they destroy trees for the construction of the building and better road infrastructure in suburbs and metropolitan cities. I firmly believe that growing trees are indispensable in the vast spaces in urban and suburban areas than more housing.

There are ample reasons why plant tree is essential in suburbs and metro cities than more residence. The primary reason we have to consider into that it offers fresh air and oxygen. What I mean is that due to globalization, the temperature of the earth and pollution have been escalating day by day. Consequently, it may impact biodiversity and human life. Another significant reason is that it provides shadow and food products. To be more precise, trees offer shelter for natural habitats and human beings. Apart from that, we can get food products, which would be beneficial to earn money from it.

In addition, making wood products is the other major reason for planting trees. By this I mean we can make a variety of products by utilizing it in an effective way. For instance, wood-making crafts and furniture can be considered as an example.

Turning to the other side of the argument, housing is the primary requirement for shelter and standard living. This means that every human wants to live in a better house for peace of mind and to being healthy. Therefore, housing is needed to raise the standard of living, but growing trees are an inevitable role to prevent global warming impact on the earth.

In conclusion, although more building in suburbs and metropolitan cities is essential for shelter, growing tees in open space is a more feasible way to prevent global issues on the planet.

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