Leadership Isn’t About You!

Rajeev Mudumba

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Every entrepreneur’s journey begins with a vision and a strategy to show up and launch.

It’s only after that when the rubber meets the road, are your skills and temperament tested. While critical thinking is an important skill on the road to evolution, there are a multitude of checks and balances that need to be worked on, and that’s execution for you. As operations take off, leadership and management skills take over. You need to be a leader and a manager who leads from the front and oversees from the back.

Whether you consider yourself a naturally talented leader or not, every leader’s mettle is tested on the grounds of execution. There may be aspects that you are good at and others you need to improve on. Leadership and management are a delicate balance, to keep the cart of your new venture on track. With practice and commitment, your perseverance can pay off as you hone your skills.

As a leader, whether an entrepreneur or a manager, focus on your skills to relate.

  • Always create connections with others and nourish them. Engage external contacts and your internal employees. Build a network that helps you propel your vision.
  • Be open to listen and seek out answers. The more you learn, the better off you are and the higher quality decisions you’ll make. Listen, because you care about those you work with. Learn about their motivational triggers and what they seek from their professional lives. Channel their motivations for their benefit and the organization’s professional needs.
  • Be transparent and share constructive feedback. Show that you’re present to work with them and scale their performance. Check on them frequently to see how they are doing and if they need any help. They will cherish your interest and give their best.
  • Aspire to inspire and seek the same from them. Lead by example and unite the team in one mission. Set expectations, empower and enable them and let everyone work toward them, together.
  • By being an inspirational leader, you attract the best talent possible. Build on your organizational brand to convey the story of success.
  • Hire for character and loyalty and skills will make themselves seen. Prioritize needs and promote diversity.
  • Train and empower your people. Facilitate meaningful work based on their preferences, skills, and needs. Delegate as needed so they have free rein to show leadership and responsibility.
  • Train and equip them with the tools and technologies. Encourage continuous learning and improvement. Be flexible and open to new ideas and ways of execution. Encourage innovation and creativity.
  • Grow and share a brand image. Cultivate it among employees, prospects, and clients.
  • Be financially pragmatic in running a viable business.
  • Always be open to new technologies and new ways of doing things.
  • Always share and give what you can. Be socially responsible and contribute to your communities.

No matter your business’s size and scale, all of these make you an effective leader and manager.

Together with a winning team, you can take on anything and come out tops!

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