Luck Or Hard Work — What Do You Believe In?

Rajeev Mudumba
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How much do you believe in luck?

If you had a choice, what would you do differently about your life?

Would you have been born somewhere else, in a different country, a different setting? Would you have preferred different choices for yourself; of schools, what you learned, where you learned, where you worked, positions you held, and experiences and emoluments you earned?

Think about it?

Do you believe you’d have had a better life if things were different? If you had that choice, to determine those changes beforehand, would you have done it?

What if you could choose certain things but not others?

Say, you could choose where you were born but not if wealthy or poor? Say you could choose wealth, but not health? Say you could choose your career and its trajectory but not the level of success.

What if you had such partial choices and the rest was up-to destiny?

Do you think luck would still have a play then?

Now, let’s consider another scenario.

You were born where you did, due to destiny and your life got you to where you are today as a result of your choices.

You made choices along the way related to your education, health, and wealth, and how you fare today is as a result of those decisions you made.

From here on, you still have choices to make and decisions to take to determine the course of your life based on what you seek. However, you need to exert effort, determine what you want to achieve, plan, act, execute your plan and calibrate your results from time to time. Then, you need to double down on those results to realign your strategy and continue to work until you achieve the results you seek.

But, mind you, that’s just the beginning, you still have miles to go before you sleep.

In this second scenario, you’re in control of the work exerted as well as the results it can help achieve, provided you do not give up easily. Challenges will be plenty and with each one, you need to get creative to resolve or circumvent and move ahead. Every turn will seem like a dead-end, but you need to believe that it’s a turn toward a better outcome. You may even need to sacrifice yourself or what’s most precious to you to realize your results, the one you have been chasing after. You may not see recognition in a lifetime but will have a chance to leave a legacy.

That is the power of hard work.

When you work hard, you may not be as lucky without exerting the efforts demanded. All you have in your corner is persistence, hard work, and a drive to accomplish what you seek. These are your only companions and become best friends over time.

In the end, you WILL find success.

While lame luck may play a part in our lives, for good or worse; hard work typically gets better results that mean a lot more than what comes through sheer luck. Luck is important to put you in the right place at the right time, but it’s hard work that makes a difference.

While wild success may be possible due to much luck, relative success is always due to hard work and is available to anyone willing to put in the effort.

Luck is not in your control, but hard work is. You can prepare and put in the work. And, luck will move to be on your side.

The harder you work, the luckier you get!

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