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If you’ve begun reading this, there’s an oft told story that I’ll relate here because it still has relevance today and especially to you!

There were a bunch of frogs in a well.

Some of them looked up and found a circle of blue sky and were excited about it. They shouted in excitement to the others of what could be possibly out there!

While some were influenced by their excitement, others did not bother.

The excited ones started jumping up trying to get out, only to fall back again. One of them started climbing the well wall, only to be pulled down by others who wanted to make it up first. Soon, they were all exhausted and started telling themselves and each other that there was no way to get out there and perhaps, they were better off inside.

One of them still continued to jump. That frog was deaf and didn’t hear the others. That night, it climbed over the other tired frogs and with one final jump, got out!

There’s another story about a baby elephant, whose leg was kept chained for days.

No matter how hard it tried to pull away, it couldn’t. Over the years, the chain was replaced with a thin rope. The baby elephant grew into an adult elephant. But, it still thought that the rope on its leg wouldn’t allow it to get away and spent an entire lifetime right there, though it could have easily walked away.

What do these stories convey to you?

It’s all in your mind, whether you want to break the shackles of conformity and create your own path of success or just give up!

Your mindset is a predetermined set of beliefs you have built for yourself, perhaps due to the environment you grew up in or currently live in, or notions you have experienced or seen throughout your life. It’s a set of beliefs you hold close, about your life, yourself and your environment. Acknowledge it or not, you hold on to them unconsciously. It’s what directs your thoughts and actions for the rest of your life and you manifest only so much as you believe.

Remember, what you believe is what will come true.

It’s your life and you need to believe that ANYTHING is possible and within the realm of your CONTROL. This is where your goals, thoughts and actions should come from.

When it comes to money too, you need to nurture a mindset of limitlessness!

If you believe you can and are destined to make more, you will. If you believe, you’ll always struggle to make ends meet, that’ll be the reality for you.

When it comes to money mindset, know that saving and investing are more important than spending. You have the option to spend and save the balance or vice versa.

What do you believe is a better choice?

Becoming wealthy and staying so is not just about earning more. It’s more importantly about living within your means and investing your savings where they continue to grow while you continue to earn.

Save and invest more than you spend. You’re bound to be rich!

Make your own money decisions. Learn to educate yourself and then, let your common sense guide you.

You do not always have to follow the crowd.

Look to the crowd to learn what’s happening, but let your decisions be solely yours. When you follow a crowd, at the most you’ll get as far as they, which is average. When you do what you believe should be done, you have a chance of getting ahead of the others.

Who do you surround yourself with?

Ask that question of yourself and you’ll see that you are an average of them. Build a network that matches your aspirations. Learn from those who you want to become and get ahead! Engage with a community you aspire to be in and get there. Then, make your mark!

Content, whether on the web, media or otherwise is not just for consumption.

Everybody consumes. Few create.

Become one of the creators. Look forward to create and serve. Opportunities will open themselves up to you. Engage with others through social media and other channels, to create, offer and serve.

What do you love to do?

How can you sharpen your skills around your passion and create the best output you possibly can? Find a place for it to stay and offer to serve others.

Be accountable for your successes and failures.

Own your responsibility and learn from your mistakes. Acknowledge what you know and do not, and never stop learning.

How and what you think is where this mindset journey starts.

And, taking control of your mindset results in you being in control of your life!

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