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If you’re the kind who says that you never worry, I’ll tell you that you’re blatantly lying! There is not a human out there who doesn’t worry, irrespective of their circumstances.

Stress and worry are a part and parcel of being human. While we are often advised to reduce stress and not worry for our own good, there is something positive that can come out of it as well. Constant stress and worry can lead to health issues such as blood pressure, cholesterol, head, and heart problems among others, but your creativity can also be born from them, such feelings that you go through.

While constant and chronic stress and worry should be avoided, know that when you are under stress or worrying about something, you can use it to fuel your creativity and get inspired to do something that’ll be beneficial, to you and others.

At this point, you might be thinking that’s easy to say than do. Yes, I agree! It’s easy to say but can also be done provided you look at it the way I am asking you to, to extract the good from the situation.

We live in complex societies where we need to balance work, relationships, expectations, responsibilities, and more. With such a juggling act, who will not experience stress and worry? When I talk about finding the good in the situation to fuel yourself, the goal is that you do not go down the rabbit hole of stress and worry, where it can quickly turn into anxiety that can be a debilitating disorder.

Stress and worry, when they are a part of life, it’s better to learn how to control and manage them and find the fuel to allow for your growth and the positive aspects of it rather than dwell and suffer.

What happens when you’re under stress and worry; you experience pressure, right? Well, such pressure pushes you to seek out solutions to your problems. Your brain immediately activates into problem-solving since it deems the situation as dangerous. Hence, it starts looking for ways to get out of it and there is the beginning of your creative thought process. Recognize that and make your move. Tell yourself to dwell on brainstorming ideas to the solution than on the problem itself.

Explore the negative side of stress and worry, during and after the fact. You will find true inspiration there.

Go back and explore the feelings you experience when under duress and channel them toward not just creative solutions, but towards other ways of exploring your creativity, be it writing, painting, music, etc. The best art comes from these experiences. Sometimes, those creative efforts bear the best fruit while in the moment than after.

Stress and worry put your mind and body in an active “fight or flight” mode.

They trigger you to do something so you are aware and can act. Such triggers can help you think and act better than you normally do. Allow yourself clarity at the moment so you get rolling, not just with tackling the problem at hand, but with energies to not just solve but find deeper meaning in the experience. Your best ideas will trigger from thereon.

Your imagination is the most potent weapon you may possess.

While you may be forced to think negatively under duress, work through the worst-case scenarios first but dwell on the better cases. Let your imagination run riot and take you places that you may not have consciously thought about. Who knows what you’ll discover in the process? Write, sing, create music or art, whatever gets you to drive your imagination further.

While time is a depleting commodity with anything, whether you have to find solutions to a problem or get your creative energies rolling so you get something worthy of them, know that such restrictions help than not. It’s not perfection you’re chasing but completion. Go for whatever your impulses drive you toward than let any analysis play a part inducing self-doubt to sabotage the process. You might perhaps see your best work at the end of this experience.

Always reflect when you have and find the time.

Learn from your experiences to build better response mechanisms for the future. The next time you stress and worry, you’ll be better prepared and equipped to respond as well as extract your most potent work from the experience.

This is not to say that these are the only ways to peak your creative strategies. You can be creative under the best of circumstances as well.

But, when stress and worry are a part of life, why not capitalize on them for your good than just dwell on the negative aspects they may relay. Stress and worry can fuel your creativity, help you explore new meaning, and teach you lessons about yourself, you otherwise might not know. They can shine the light on your strengths and future success.

Stress and worry may not be your friends but you can ensure they are not your worst enemies too.

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