Opinion: The Pandemic Journey — From Havoc To Hope!

Rajeev Mudumba

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The new year’s eve of 2020 saw many celebrating the promise of a new year while at the doorstep of a new decade with great expectations! Everyone was on a rollercoaster ride of growth and promise with technology rapidly changing how we lived and conducted business. And, then the world came to a screeching halt! An insidious virus escaped somewhere infecting the first human and it caught on like wildfire affecting everyone across the globe.

We locked ourselves in, stayed indoors, shut our schools and offices, survived on bare essentials, wore masks, and refrained from shaking hands, let alone hugging those we hold dear. And, the entire world, no matter where you lived saw upheavals of people, lives and economies like no other.

Every country, every community, and I believe every family too saw the impact of the virus on their lives. Fear ruled the roost for a while and continues to do so in various parts of the world but, we also saw communities and people come together like never before. Borders didn’t hold us back from reaching in and lending a helping hand.

Human lives matter and that is all that matters in such uncertain times.

The unknown of what’s yet to happen or for how long and its impact on all other aspects of our normal living may be frightening to even fathom, but one thing this journey has taught us is that, if we stick together, if we help each other out, we can make that impact less fearsome and find a semblance of normalcy amidst the tumultuous situation.

Better yet, we made our bonds that much stronger. Staying home and spending time with our near and dear, reaching out via online video calls to check on family and friends elsewhere, and renewing our bonds from time to time, has brought us that much more closer, and made us realize what we hold precious. Mind you, all this while we worked from home remotely and did our best to be productive and meet our work responsibilities.

Look back to a year ago and where we stand today and you can’t deny that we have made progress!

We have vaccinations, more and more people are taking the shots, we have communities slowly opening up and cautious steps are being taken to return to the new normalcy. Cases have been declining in some parts of the world while other parts are seeing a surge. While we all work together to bring the pandemic under control, we know that we have to live with this new virus, and with vaccinations and perhaps, herd immunity in the future, we will have an upper hand where it’ll not threaten us as much.

Perseverance is key to seeing us through.

Time we tighten our belts and get back to work to grab our normalcy and hold fast.

Let’s bring life back! Let’s bring those smiles back!

Let’s hold hands again and hopefully, soon, we will not have to think twice before we hug a loved one!

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