Money Can Buy Happiness!

Rajeev Mudumba
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Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness either doesn’t understand money or happiness.

Is there anyone you know who doesn’t work and that too, hard enough to make money?


Well that’s how our economy works, right?

Exchange work for money and money for food and other necessities. No matter how you look at it, money is an intricate part of our living.

How much money do you need to be happy and what you want to do with it is a personal choice.

If there was no connection between money and happiness, we would find a lot more people not working or making their money work for them and yet, be happy. Plain and simple!

An average person wants a roof on their head, food on the table and to provide for themselves and their family. All this doesn’t materialize out of thin air. You got to make money to buy, invest and have enough set aside to lead the good life. And if the good life is your definition of happiness, it doesn’t come without money.

How much money do you need to be happy?

That’s again relative to where you are placed in life and what you deem will help you pursue happiness.

Too much money also cannot buy happiness.

Every billionaire you may know hasn’t had a happily ever after, right?

Many are going through divorces and life issues as we speak. If money did buy all the happiness they could ask for, we would not be hearing of such issues. That goes to say that all the money in the world can also not buy all the happiness you seek. Sometimes, it may bring along misery as well, as life gets complicated.

We, humans, are never satisfied.

That’s why we keep pursuing success and money throughout our lives. It’s always just that little bit more we need. And, as we secure it, our needs grow as well. It’s all relative. No satiation as such! More money brings more complexity and stress with it. And the cycle continues!

Another aspect is the comparison game.

There is always someone else who is in a better place than you. And, if you continue to compare and contrast, no amount of money in the world will buy you happiness or satisfaction.

Learn to not just make money but to find a use for it.

The root of your happiness is not in earning money but in finding a use for what you’ve earned. You’ll probably find happiness in securing material possessions; that big house, car, travel, etc. You may even find happiness in celebrating your wealth and success with friends and family. Perhaps, more bliss awaits you when you contribute to good causes and make a difference in someone else’s life.

The bliss that you find with your relationships, family, and stability may have nothing to do with money. But, the comfort you secure is what allows for all this too.

Happiness is also a result of things that you love to do and can realize, may not have anything to do with money. Yet, being healthy and wealthy allow for the environment to cherish such hobbies and flow.

Money is a limited resource and its application is what enables your happiness.

Being rich isn’t necessarily the path to happiness. You still need to be healthy, cherish great relationships, find happiness in others’ satisfaction and do what you truly love.

For many, once income reaches a certain level, the pursuit of money may not mean much at all. Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs explains this well. Once basic needs are met, the next level of needs take over, all the way to self-actualization, which has nothing to do with money, but the path to get there does.

It’s not material things that make us happy, but the act of doing and finding bliss in the act of execution.

Experiences mean a lot more than things.

And, finally, true happiness comes from helping another. By benefiting another; you cherish peace, tranquility, humility, and gratitude, not for what you have but more, for what you have been blessed to do, to help another.

And, it doesn’t always have to be money that you need to do it with, it can be anything; your work, your hands, or your art and heart that you’re willing to share.

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