5 Signs of Highly Toxic Friends in Your Life

Rahul Thakur

Friends who have a negative impact on your life

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Throughout our life, we tend to shower love towards materialistic things. As a human being, it’s no wrong to get attached to things and be grateful for them.

But human life is spiritually hallowed without the true love of other humans beings.

As we quest for human love and companionship throughout our life. We’re blessed to experience true love in most phases of our life, but in everyone’s fate, there will be times. Where we will be betrayed, demolished, and left heartbroken for the sake of love.

In terms of love and companionship, our families come first. It can include our partners, children, mom, dad, and siblings.

But the second-best companionship in every human’s life would be their friends.

According to the Harvard, long-lasting relationships with our friends help us live a stress-free and a healthier life.

But not all friendships and friends are meant to stick with you longer, and some of them will inevitably betray you and leave to stranded in life.

As a fellow human being and a writer, I want to share five signs of highly toxic friends/friendships, wholly written from my life experiences.

1) They say that they care about you. But actually, they don’t

It’s often the most common phrase (I really care for you) used by people regardless of whether they’re you’re friends (or) not.

On many occasions, such words about caring are meant to confront you (or) said to make you feel a little better.

It should be easier for you to find out who cares and who doesn’t.

For example, a true friend might not be there for you all the time. But he/she is always ready to listen to you and make you compete with your distress.

But toxic friends are upright about your issues. All they can contribute is a few words of wisdom without considering your perspective.

Toxic friends will try to minimize your problems by overshadowing their issues. They either don’t wanna correct you (or) they don’t want to listen to you.

Saying you care for someone and not helping them physically (or) mentally when they need you is a sign of toxicity.

2) They don’t like you to get ahead of them

Be it at a better job (or) living a better lifestyle (or) having an awesome life partner (or) anything related to excelling in life.

Toxic friends don’t want you to be better than them. They can’t bear your happiness while you’re ahead of them.

It’s one thing to have a healthy competition with your friends. But it’s an altogether another scenario where your friend always wants you to see you as an underachiever.

Toxic friends are always there to throw some illogical solutions to your life and act like they want you to thrive.

It’s like they have a set of boundaries with you and never wanna see you crossing it, especially in terms of living a better, peaceful, and prosperous life.

They see you as a failure, and they want to keep it that way

3) Bitching never stops for them

It’s no surprise that we all at some point either bitch about our studies/jobs/people/life in general. Bitching is even considered better, but I feel it’s up to some extent.

There’s a positive outcome and a negative outcome of starting a talk and turning it into bitching.

It entirely depends on one person (or) the group and their intent.

I often noticed that my toxic friends used bitch a lot and their whole idea was to create a wrong impression of someone in front of me and others.

It usually starts with bitching about one particular person to you, and all of a sudden, you begin to hate that person without even noticing it.

I felt astonished when I found out that, the same toxic friend with whom I started to bitch about someone. Later he began to bitch about me to others, and they do it with everyone.

4) Never have been apologetic and never will be

It’s easy for us to guess whether someone is really apologetic for their actions (or) not.

To test someone, just point them out on their behavior and watch how they react.

If someone is trying to listen to your perspective and is willing to encounter his/her version (or) either accepts what you’ve said and is sorry for that. This kind of friend is non-toxic.
Where as toxic friends either shut you right up (or), say ‘sorry’ for the sake of saying sorry. In short, they never want to listen to you because they hardly care about what you say.

Being apologetic is an essential trait of a true friend who is willing to listen to you and knows what you feel.

Toxic friends don’t want to be apologetic because they want to make you feel nervous, unsettling, and always lie to get that sympathy. Despite this, they will make you feel responsible for them.

5) They don’t want to work with you

It happened a lot to me; when I felt a few people got along nicely with me, and I thought we had good sync between us.

Since it was not their true colors, I got surprised when they left me isolated and never wanted to hang out with me unless I had something to offer.

You getting unnoticed is one thing and you being ignored by them is another thing.

Toxic friends never want to share their backstory and will always come up with sympathy lines to grab your attention and make you connect with them.

Even though, when you feel you’ve gotten closer. It’s not enough, and it’s not a true friendship for them.


It’s safe to say that my experience with toxic friends will be different from yours, and I know everyone has their version of ‘Toxicity.’

But it’s important to understand not all toxic people are wrong. As human beings, we all are inherently good, and it’s just the circumstances that play a major role in unhealthy relationships.

All I can advise here to understand your past experiences with toxic friends and learn from your mistakes. Make it a habit to track what you’ve done to give an advantage (or) build a poisonous friendship.

As we get along with our lives, we are bound to meet many toxic friends. To avoid some of our previous mistakes we need to prepare ourselves in advance before going through a toxic relationship with friends.

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