I Found Out Some Fake Instagram Gurus Grow and Make Real Money on The Platform In This Way

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I feel Instagram is full of shit, and yet I can’t get myself away from it. I am sure most of you are just like me. Besides fake news and fake trends, Instagram is also known for their infamous ‘Fake Gurus’ who think that they own the platform, and also will make others believe them.

Instagram is a prominent ‘fake guru’ factory where teenagers and manipulative marketers try to game the algorithm by playing against it. Apart from them faking it, they also make people believe that even we can do it.

I am sure most of you might have come across spammy Instagram accounts where they either have tried to sell you something (or) promised to make you something for the money.

I had experienced this a lot, and recently I wrote an article where I share ‘What Happens When You Attend a Paid Instagram Growth Coaching Calls

Everyone knows there are fake gurus out there on Instagram but what you don’t know is how they get to that point and fake it to make it look legit.An average internet user need to know such stuff because, this information might help you to validate an account which seems spammy (or) fake.

How do these so-called Instagram gurus build their presence on Instagram?

Instagram is full of Millennials and GenZ’s who are very digitally dependent, and for most of them, this platform is the means of news and knowledge. But you can’t deny the fact that, Instagram is a sea of both information and misinformation.

It’s evident that most of the Instagram gurus are on the wrong side of Instagram marketing and they don’t compromise about their approach because it works for them.

Most of the Instagram gurus are someone who is making money through Instagram by growing their audience/followers. To gain a huge presence, they try to:-

Build post engagement with (or) without bots:-

Usually, people assume that fake gurus on Instagram use bots for their growth. This is still true, but not all of them use bots and especially for engagement.

The problem with the bots is that they are easy to get noticed, and Instagram’s algorithm can track these bots when they all act, react and enact in the same pattern.

The best way to avoid bots is to use actual people and maybe fake accounts to gain engagement. On Instagram, the major engagement factors for a post are likes, comments, and saves.

Since commenting usually take more effort to done, thus most Instagram gurus get themselves involved in some engagement groups where people comment on each other’s posts to get more reach.

One of the favorite and most prominent ways to build engagement is by joining engagement groups on Telegram; this is very common practice among the fake guru community and most people share this openly.

I recently came across this platform called, Executive Mafia where worldwide Instagram users join Telegram to participate in engagement groups, here they like and comment on each other’s posts within 1 hour of its publishing.

Screenshot by Author
Other than engagement groups on Telegram, I have seen people use Whatsapp to build such groups and more so, even on Instagram, actually you could join such groups where the only motive of the group members is to engage with each other posts and get more reach organically to grow.

Create fake fan pages to build hype and spread the word:-

This strategy works best for personal brands on Instagram because, in these type of accounts, fake gurus show their faces and pretend to be authentic to get themselves identified, visually to me accurate.

If you’ve noticed an Instagram account with around 10k followers and has multiple fan pages, then it’s more likely that all of them are fake. Sometimes these fake fan pages are challenging to track and validate because they seem like genuine fan accounts, and all the activities done by them look authentic too.

All these fake fan pages mostly re-posts the content published on main Instagram handle and tag him/her in the post. Usually, throughout the account, only one type of content is shared, i.e., images.

To build hype and spread the word around, these fake fan accounts:-

  • Will engage with every post of fake guru’s Instagram account
  • Will share the content everywhere possible to reach more people
  • Will could be automated by bots, and usually, there will be hundreds of accounts like these.
This strategy is not only implemented on Instagram (or) even by small influencers. Even celebrities have been accused of using such tactics on Twitter.

Buy followers directly (or) use follow and un-follow bots:-

So far, I have told you how fake gurus on Instagram build their engagement via comments and likes and how they create phony fan pages to showcase their fan base and build some hype. But the primary metric that an average Instagram user takes into count when he/she sees a profile on Instagram is it’s following.

It’s no secret that we all know, followers can be bought, and there are tons of websites and services which offers fake followers and to take it to the next level, some services even offer fake engagement through their fake accounts.

Since buying fake followers is a real red flag in the eyes of Instagram and even normal Instagram users have become smart to notice whether an account has real followers (or) fake followers.

To avoid such scenario of complete fake followers, our so called Instagram gurus try to automate their process of following and un-follow to gain followers. Despite there is still a risk with using a bot to follow and un-follow accounts, but Instagram gurus have found a way to get around it, and they cleverly automate this whole activity to make it look authentic.

For example, some bots can help your account to follow and un-follow people up to a certain number and that too for a precise amount of time. Thus through such organized activities, fake gurus get away as spammers from the eyes of Instagram’s algorithm.

How do fake Instagram gurus earn real money with their fake presence?

In today’s online and social media world, the best possible asset to make money is by building an actual following. But since our so called Instagram gurus doesn’t know what a real following looks like— they tend to target small personal accounts that are more vulnerable to fall into their traps.

Here I want to mention a few ways through which fake Instagram gurus make real money:

Reaching small Instagram users for paid promotion:-

I don’t know about you, but my Instagram account has received multiple DMs from Instagram accounts that were willing to promote my account through their stories and posts for an upfront fee.

When I opened few of those DM’s, I saw some of them were establish accounts, and later, I realized they were fake. But generally, if an Instagram account with 10k, 20k, and 50k followers approaches you upfront for a paid promotion, then it’s most likely to be an act to waste your money.

Selling courses (or) services (or) products:-

Although the following on their account might be fake, but some of the Instagram gurus will try to sell you authentic products for which they are either affiliates (or) creators of that product.

As most of the affiliate products are not owned by the Instagram gurus, you are more obliged to look at the product’s sales page and buy it; thus, in this case, an Instagram guru will earn money with affiliate marketing.

Other selling prospects for fake Instagram gurus are booking coaching calls/consultation calls (or) selling their own course/membership program. I have fallen prey to both of these gimmicks, and I can tell you that opting for them would be a pure waste of money.

If these fake gurus try to sell you counterfeit products, then it’s a scam. One of our famous medium writers Zulie Rane, explained this adequately in her article, ‘when you actually respond to a dm scammer for collab.’

My final words:-

By now, I don’t need to tell you that Instagram is a fucked up place for very ambitious and edgy users who wanna grow online and build their own following on Instagram.

To be honest, there is enough content on the internet to help you learn everything, and I believe you don’t need to look at those influencers and gurus who pretend to lead a unique and those who promises to make it possible for you. Instead of investing money in them, it’s better to invest your time on Google and YouTube to dig deeper into details of Instagram and learn more from it.

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