Kanye West Wore a Jesus Mask and Stormed Out Service Court after Saying "Stupid" to the Lawyers

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Kanye West accused of trying to sabotage a court deposition over his Sunday Service gig.

The rapper,44, wore a balaclava printed with Jesus images. He called a lawyer “stupid” and stormed out during a virtual hearing with the company MyChannel Inc.

The video and e-commerce company are suing Kanye for $20 million, accusing hum of “stealing” their technology to promote his Sunday Service gigs despite allegedly promising to invest millions in the firm.

Kanye was brought into court via an emergency motion filled by MyChannel’s lawyers, according to sealed court documents obtained by AllHipHop.com.

Kanye reportedly wore a “full-face hood and head covering adorned with Jesus Christ’s image which obscured his face and muffled his voice” during the deposition.

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He was seen wearing the balaclava – which features an image of Christ apparently being eaten by a whale alongside children with angel wings – while out in LA on Tuesday.

The rapper refused to take off the mask when asked by the MyChannel’s lawyers and said that the legal team did not have the right to see his face, according to filings.

Kanye also allegedly called MyChannel’s attorney Michael Popok “boy” several times and asked if he was “stupid” while refusing to answer his questions.

MyChannel claimed that Kanye was constantly bragging about how well he was doing and continuously obstructing the deposition and also his lawyer did nothing to stop this behavior.

Kanye stormed after only 10 minutes of the deposition according to court documents. The lawyers are bringing Kanye to a face-to-face deposition next month and is looking to fine him for $63,000.

The company said that Kanye used MyChannel’s technology that was made for a Yeezy project for his Sunday Service. The company had invested $7million for the project and after the rapper broke ties with the company, the company said that he stole the money for his own Sunday Service project.

The business moved its headquarters 3 times, from Pennsylvania to California to Chicago with the promise of a $10million investment which it allegedly never got.

Aside from this lawsuit, Kanye also has two others from disgruntled workers. Last summer, he was hit by the lawsuits over the production of his first “opera” entitled Nebuchadnezzar, at the Hollywood Bowl in November 2019.

It featured many performers, the Sunday Service choir and a huge backstage crew which consisted of make-up artists, hair stylists, costume designers and actors hired to sit in the audience due to poor ticket sales even after giving out 5,000 of them.

According to strict California employment law, performers and crew, who also worked one rehearsal day should have been classified as employees, not independent contractors.

This meant that they had legal right to overtime wages, meals and rest breaks, but according to the lawsuits they did not get any of this, nor were they paid on time.

One lawsuit, filled by LA employment lawyer Frank Kim in August last year, concentrates on the performers, which totals over 500 people.

The other, filled by entertainment attorneys Harris & Ruble, centers on behind-the-scenes staff of around 300 people.

The LA County Superior Court has joined the lawsuits together and sources estimate Kanye’s payout to be as high as $30million should he choose to fight.

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