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New video of the Lindani Myeni incident showed he apologized before the police shot him

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A new doorbell camera footage was released by the lawyers of Lindani Myeni who was shot two months ago by the Honolulu Police. The video provided more information about the incident that happened before the deadly encounter.

The footage showed that Lindani entered the home after taking off his shoes but quickly left when the occupants got confused of his presence. He repeatedly apologized.

After the police shot Lindani two months ago in April, his widow filed for wrongful death lawsuit alleging that the officers were motivated by racial discrimination becuase Lindani was black.

Lindani and his family moved to Hawaii three months before this incident thinking Hawaii was the best place to raise their two black children, said Mr. Myeni's wife.

The police after the incident said that Lindani showed strange behaviour, frightened the occupants and also attacked a police officer leaving one hostpitalized with a concussion.

Police also released short clips of body camera footage, that showed Mr. Myeni ignoring commands to get on the ground outside the house he entered. The police also fired a stun gun which did not effect Lindani.

The police didn't respond immedietly respond to a request for comments after the widow's layer released the video. Former Cheif Susan Ballard commented that racial discrimination was not a factor in the shooting of Lindani.

"Mr. Myeni's death was tragic", said Mayor Rick Blangiradi in a statement. "We await both sides making their arguments in court, consequently I have no further comment at this time."

The widow's layers said in a statement that the police were trying to convince the occupants that it was a burglery incident and that Lindani was acting erratically. They also added that the video from the doorbell camera showed something totally different. It showed that the police knew their suspicion of Lindani trying to attemt burglery was not true.

The statement added, "We have also comprelled the City to turn over unredacted body cam footage in its original format, producing much better quality audio and images than the version that HPD played for the press in April 16, 2021."

The doorbell footage showed that Myeni arrived at the house shortly after the tourist couple living in the house arrived. The couple got scared and called 911 when Lindani opened his shoes infornt of the house. The video also showed that Mr Myeni was wearing a face mask and a headband. After Lindani realised that the woman inside the house called 911, he repeatedly yelled "I'm sorry" and put on his shoes back getting ready to leave.

The couple were still on the phone the video showed. The women yelled to the police "That's him" and the police aksed Lindani to get on the ground. Landani refused and asked "Who are you?". The lawyers said that Lindani could have no clue that it was the police and did not immedietly agreed to the instructions.

The lawyers said they are still evaluating the footages. The 911 call and the body cam footage is posted on YouTube by Justice for Lindani Myeni

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