Is Cleaning Your Home For Guests Necessary?

Rachel Yerks
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“I’ll be there in ten minutes!” she texts.

Chaos. The entire house needs to be cleaned in those ten minutes. No one can know you live like this.

The dishes on the coffee table and nightstand need to be washed, the rug needs thorough vacuuming, and that pile of laundry has to be folded  —  or hidden.

Maybe you don’t care if your guests enjoy a clean space. You shouldn’t need to perform for them, right? They’re your friends, and friendship is enough.

Wrong. So, so wrong.

No one should have to tip-toe over your dirty laundry or look at the heaping pile of dishes in the sink, no matter how good a relationship you have.

I learned a great term recently, “dinner party-ready”. The idea is to keep your home tidy enough that you’ll always be ready to have guests over, without any frantic last-minute cleaning.

You shouldn’t clean your home for your guests. Clean your home to live in your home and enjoy it. By keeping your home tidy, you are able to enjoy it to the fullest. Treat yourself to a clean and organized home every day.

Fix any issues you can afford to fix and appreciate the house while you are lucky enough to live there. Don’t be one of those people who fix up a house only when they’re about to sell it.

Treat yourself like you would a treasured guest, every single day. If life gets in the way, so be it.

Just try to keep up if you can.

Put your home first and you’ll be happier, that I can promise you.

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