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Rachel Yerks
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As someone who has been freelancing since November 2020, I’ve learned a lot about freelance writing. Contracts sometimes fall through and new opportunities get dumped in your lap via LinkedIn messages.

Freelancing often gets a bad rap as being less stable than a 9 to 5 because you aren’t tied to an employer. It’s true, I don’t always know where my money is coming from each month. I’m also not concerned about being fired on short notice.

Freelancers have their own skills to fall back on, immediately

If you lose your job, you are thrust into the world of job hunting. As a freelance writer, you don’t need to look for a new job when a contract falls through.

Your skills can immediately be put to use writing online for various platforms. If you don’t want to chase clients, you don’t have to. You can make all your money blogging, offering products, and coaching.

If you want cash even quicker, you can offer Fiverr gigs for editing and helping other writers (like I do). You can write radio ads and get a $10 sign-up bonus. There are hundreds of opportunities out there, without needing a 9 to 5.

Your brand is your business

One of the most important aspects of being a freelancer is building your brand. I’m active on Twitter and LinkedIn, and I run a free newsletter on how to freelance and find side hustles.

If I lose a contract tomorrow, I’m not losing my followers and potential clients. My newsletter is where I mainly offer free help to fellow writers, but it is also where I tell them I have new articles out and paid services coming soon.

As a freelancer, your income is diversified. It isn’t all coming from one client or contract. The best freelancers hardly notice when a contract ends. It may take some time to get to that point, but you will be far more secure than a job where your boss isn’t your biggest fan.

Freelancers know when they’re going to make more money

If you put in extra hours on a project at work, you’ll be lucky if your company offers overtime. Chances are, your extra work is worth the same as your normal work at your 9 to 5 unless you get a raise.

When you freelance, the effort you put in directly reflects the amount of money you’ll make that month or year. If you write double the number of articles as last month, you can expect to make significantly more money than you did previously.

Being a freelance writer is great for someone with a passion to write and the willpower to do it regularly. Once you get the writing down, it’s all about consistency and marketing to make a nice paycheck.

Anyone can freelance, and if you‘ve read this far, I think you’re interested in trying it. Give it a go! What have you got to lose?

(But please, don’t quit your job before you can cover your living expenses.)

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