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J's Lobster and Fish Market - Heaping Lobster Rolls & Seafood - Indianapolis, IN

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J's Lobster and Fish Market is located in The Garage Food Hall in Indianapolis, Indiana. I tried this as my lunch during a quick vacation down to Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago. J's also has a food truck and offers catering services for a variety of events if you aren't heading to The Garage anytime soon.

J's Menu, What I Ordered, and My Review
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J's has a variety of different sandwich options for lunch. Their sandwiches are fish-based, with multiple items including shrimp, lobster, and cod. They also have some crab, tuna, clam, and salmon dishes. I went with their lobster roll, which comes with chips and coleslaw for $18. I thought this was extremely pricey for a lobster roll, but I wasn't surprised considering The Garage is a huge tourist hub.
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The roll itself was delicious and filled to the brim with fresh lobster meat. I was not disappointed with the amount of meat I received. It was buttery and the roll was delicious. The coleslaw wasn't anything special, and I didn't eat the bed of chips my sandwich was served on. I'm not a chip person. I also got a coke to go with the roll, which was a great pairing. Overall, I'm not sure the lobster roll was worth $18, but it's certainly at least worth $14 with the amount of meat they put on it.

Final thoughts

J's Lobster & Fish Market booth is in a tourist hotspot, and they know it! Expect steep prices for their incredible food. If you want to try seafood while at The Garage Food Hall, this is the freshest, biggest selection you'll find. Next time we go to Indianapolis, I'll be coming back here to try their shrimp roll and clam chowder, regardless of its price. This is the best seafood I've found since moving to Kentucky from the east coast, and I'm willing to pay for it.

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