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As a person who eats tons of fried food and takeout for work, it's always a welcome surprise to find a healthy, cheap takeout option. CoreLife Eatery has dozens of healthy vegetable and meat bowls, tacos, and soups to choose from, along with their own, custom lemonade flavors. CoreLife prioritizes healthy options and has many vegan, green, and organic options available. You can view their menu here.

Our Food Order, Prices, and Review

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I ordered CoreLife's Korean Pulled Pork taco on naan bread ($3.50). It was very tasty and the pork was of great quality. It was lacking in presentation, but the flavor made up for it. One taco is not enough for a meal, so I would recommend ordering at least two, if not three tacos, to fully satiate your hunger. You can also order a traditional tortilla instead of naan bread, but the naan really made the taco for me.

My boyfriend and I shared his meal, which was a "choose two combo". This combo allows you to pair any soup, side, or beverage with a small bowl. We chose to get a Spicy Thai Chicken & Rice Noodle bowl, paired with a chicken chipotle broth cup ($9.45). The bowl was fantastic and light but really filled us up. The chicken was slightly spicy, the noodles were cooked well, and the veggies were nice and crunchy. The broth was savory and a great soup to have on a cold day. This "choose two combo" is the best deal they have, and it is promoted heavily on signage throughout the restaurant.

We also ordered two different lemonades from their vast selection of self-serve lemonades. I believe there were 5-6 flavors. I got a spicy, cayenne lemonade, which I did not enjoy in the least. My boyfriend had a beet lemonade drink he enjoyed, but I wasn't a fan. I would recommend sticking with their normal lemonade.

Final thoughts

CoreLife Eatery is a fantastic, healthy chain to have a meal at. Their food is healthy, prepared right in front of you, and is quite affordable. Our total order was approximately $20 before tipping. If you can't make it home in time to cook dinner, this is a great takeout option that will leave you feeling full and good about your health.

If you go for tacos, make sure you get at least two per person. Stick to their regular lemonade. CoreLife cooks their meat on the rare side, so specify if you need your meat more well-done. They are willing to customize your food for you; don't be afraid to ask!

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