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Before visiting Servatii's, I thought the best Boston Cream donut in the area was at Graeter's. I'm happy to say this is no longer the case and Servatii's is now my go-to for donuts when in Cincinnati. We visited Servatii earlier this month and we were thrilled with their lovely sit-down area, the vast selection of desserts, pretzels, and dessert bread available, and the kind staff members.

They also run a very popular deli and catering business, but we visited after having dinner and strictly shopped for their dessert items.
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Because we were heading home, we did not eat at the bakery. However, it was very clean and bright, with plenty of socially distanced seating open. We would feel safe eating lunch or dessert here at their deli during the pandemic.

Dessert options, prices, and review
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For a grand total of $4.90, we purchased three pastries. We tried Servatii's Boston Cream donut, a frosting-filled donut, and a German pastry. I also planned on purchasing a handful of cookies, but they were kind enough to throw them in for free. Please do not expect them to do this; it was a very kind once in a while thing.

The two staff members working were very friendly with us and told us that they had a particularly busy day and were low on stock, but we thought the bakery was exceptionally full compared to all other bakeries we've visited.

Because they sold out of éclairs, I got a frosting-filled donut. It was quite good, and the frosting wasn't too strong. The german pastry was very similar to a glazed donut but with more texture and a fluffier center. The real star was the Boston Cream donut with its amazing pudding filling and top-notch chocolate on top, the same chocolate that was on the frosting-filled, longer pastry. The cookies were delicious, bite-sized, and very snackable.
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My boyfriend also purchased a fresh-that-morning pretzel, which was delicious. Considering we snagged the pretzel late in the afternoon, I'm sure it tasted incredible fresh out of the oven. They do salt their pretzels quite heavily, but the salt is easy enough to knock off if it's too much for you.

Final thoughts

Servatii's has a huge dessert selection that is tasty and extremely affordable. They also have a deli if you want to have lunch before bringing a large platter of pastries and cookies home with you. The staff is very knowledgeable on the vast array of different pastries and cookies available, and they recommended ones they thought we'd enjoy ... and they were right! Definitely drop in and check out their sweet and savory treats! Hours vary by location.

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