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I'm a huge fan of custard ice cream. Because of the egg yolks, custard ice cream is thicker and creamier than your traditional ice cream. It's also more intensive to make and harder to find. My boyfriend and I were more than happy to make the trek to Whit's Frozen Custard in Independence, KY.

What we ordered & recommend
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Whit's has a large variety of shakes, sundaes, and their namesake whitsers, which are ice creams mixed with toppings to add texture and create a unique, personalized flavor. We decided to order their Turtle/Pioneer Pride ($5; names vary by location) whitser, which is vanilla custard mixed with hot fudge, hot caramel, and pecans. We also snagged a Dreamsicle ($4), which is vanilla custard mixed with orange soda.

The Turtle whitser was yummy, but everything was blended extremely well and you didn't get the hot fudge experience. I didn't realize you could order a Turtle Sundae, which would have the toppings on top, per tradition, instead of mixed in thoroughly. I think this would've been the way to go. I also missed out on their smooth ice cream because the pecans added some graininess. I would advise ordering the Turtle as a sundae, not as a whitser.

The Dreamsicle was spectacular. It was easily drinkable (not too thick), tasted just like a creamsicle, and the leftover orange soda was a nice way to wash away the cream when we finished the drink. This drink, along with the entire custard shop in general, is a hidden gem! Don't underestimate this drink because of its simplicity. It's now one of our favorite custard items to order.

Final thoughts
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Whit's is a great place to try custard ice cream for the first time. I suggest having it as a sundae to really enjoy that silky smooth custard. If you've had custard before or love creamsicles, the Dreamsicle is the perfect snack to end your day with.

They also have a pint freezer where you can pick up the custard and prepare it in your own way at home. Whit's has a calendar on the wall that tells you weekly upcoming specialty flavors to be on the lookout for. They also share a dining space with Donatos pizza, so you can have dinner and dessert from two different businesses without straying from your table.

Because of their incredible frozen custard, specialty flavors, customization options, and takeaway pint freezer, Whit's truly is an ice cream hidden gem. Give them a try!


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