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Pet Wants: The Urban Feed Store - Cincinnati, Ohio

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While exploring Over the Rhine, we stumbled upon Pet Wants Urban Feed Store. This shop has pet supplies for both cats and dogs but we didn't see items for other species. The staff member was very helpful and suggested many different products for our cat, even though the store seems to have more of a dog focus.

Stand out items and what we purchased
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We were surprised that the store sold cat and dog food by the pound, which is a great way to be able to buy the exact amount of food your pet needs. Being able to come back to the same location for small refills on your pet's food is a great way to avoid having any food go stale. As you'll notice on the sign, they offer more food options for dogs than they do for cats, but they also have a bio-degradable cat litter!
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While looking around, we saw all sorts of cat and dog treats, toys, chew sticks, antlers, and bones. They also have a frozen treats section! The store's overall selection was quite impressive. Pet Wants also carries pet bug sprays, skin sprays, and other helpful tools to keep your pet safe and healthy.

We ended up purchasing a can of wet cat food for under $2. Although we were excited to get her hooked on the healthy stuff, she did not end up liking it. She's more of a Fancy Feast Tuna Florentine cat. We'll certainly keep trying to get her to like healthier options!

Final thoughts
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We were amazed at the selection of cat and dog items available in this small shop. We could definitely see ourselves shopping here in the future for small treats and wet food cans. To the naked eye, this looks like a great shop to improve the health of your pet.

However, as is always the case, please do your own research and ask your vet before changing your pet's diet and care routine. This shop is actually one of 90 franchises in 27 different states; Pet Wants is a large business. Remember to put as much research into shopping here as you would in your local Petco. Still, they seem to prioritize high-quality ingredients for their products and are certainly worth looking into!

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