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Review: Boone County Clerk Office Title Transfer & Registration Process - Florence, KY

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I graduated from college in May 2020 while living back home in Connecticut. My parents and extended family gave me a car that was originally under my parents' names so I wouldn't have to pay for my own insurance at a time when I had no job.

Now that I'm self-employed as a freelance writer and moved far away to Kentucky, it was time to transfer the car title and register my car in Kentucky. I'd been putting it off for quite a few months after moving here in July 2020, and I completed the process earlier this month.

Although I cannot speak to how convenient the current system is for everyone, I can discuss how I went about transferring a car title from an out-of-state owner and registering in it Kentucky. Here's what to expect if you need to do the same. I'm very thankful I had such a quick and easy process before KY changes up registration by adding regional offices.

Process of transferring car ownership from an out-of-state owner

First, you need to have a signed title in your possession. You also need to have insurance in your name for the vehicle. I originally brought a bill of sale with me to the country clerk's office (in the Florence Govt. Center) and was told to come back with a completed TC96-182 form instead. Here's where you can check which documents you need. They would not take my bill of sale and made me complete the form instead.

You need to have this form notarized in order for it to be valid. I had to fill out part of the form, send it back to my parents in CT, then they had to fill out some information and get it notarized at a bank. They then sent it back and I was ready to go. Your city hall will typically also have notaries you can utilize for a fee.

Once you have your title, insurance, and completed TC96-182, you'll need to get a car inspection. Make sure you park in the north lot of the Florence Government Center so you don't need to move your car. The sheriff's desk is right next to the county clerks' in the same room. It's very convenient The sheriff requires a $5 cash inspection fee, so don't forget that or you're out of luck.

The sheriff then comes out and checks your VIN number and mileage to make sure they match the title. He then will give you a receipt and form saying you passed inspection. You'll get back in line for the county clerk, show them the form, and pay any fees.

Important note: if you are transferring ownership of a vehicle from a non-Kentucky resident to a Kentucky resident, you'll have to pay sales tax on half the original value of the car. If the car is a gift, you'll have to pay gift tax as well. In the case of my car, the taxes I paid were north of $500, which I wasn't expecting.

After paying the large fee, I was given my new registration, picked out a plate, and was good to go. The new title gets mailed to you a few weeks later.

Helpful notes and overall experience

Make sure you have all your documents ready and the form filled out and notarized. If you are transferring a car title from out of state, you will have to pay sales tax (and maybe gift tax) on it, so watch out for that.

For the Florence location, the best day to do your paperwork is Wednesday because the sheriff is there extra late for inspections. The Boone County Clerk main office is in Burlington if that's closer for you, but the Florence one was quick and easy. I only waited in line for about fifteen minutes. Once I had the correct paperwork, the appointment took about an hour and a half.

I hope this article helps some people with their car registration and/or title transfer. It's a pain to do, but it was quick!

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