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The Gigantic Florence Antique Mall - Florence, KY

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The Florence Antique Mall is a huge antique shop with 215 independent dealers. They have a wide range of antiques and collectibles. With a Facebook follower count of 17,210 people, this place knows what they're doing. They constantly ask their vendors to bring in new items and you really get to experience the stalls changing with the seasons. They let you know when new pieces of note come in or if they're doing any sort of special event via their Facebook page.

They are a one-level, handicap-accessible store. It really is jam-packed to the roof with items to sort through. They are located at 8145 Connector Dr. in Florence, right off of Mall Rd.

Different sections and how to navigate their huge selection

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You can't miss the Antique Mall. They are the largest building in the parking lot, right on the end. Once you enter, you'll be greeted by helpful staff on your left, and a huge stack of shopping carts dead center. I wouldn't recommend grabbing a shopping cart before you've had a chance to walk around first. With so many aisles to navigate, it'll only slow you down. You could easily spend an entire day here looking at all the old dishes, wooden furniture, and vintage signage, among other collectibles.

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The vast majority of the store is split into aisles with a separate booth for each vendor. The items in the booths usually have a theme such as dishware, furniture, old toys, or outdoor equipment. You do get the occasional crazy booth stocked full of mismatched items, though.

On the right in the above image, you'll see cases with glass. These rows are where the jewelry and some of the other more valuable pieces are kept. Many of these items are affordable, but they're small and easily pocketable, so that's likely why they're in the cases. Don't discount these aisles if you like miniatures and small collectibles such as spoons, pocket knives, and other trinkets.

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In the back left of the store, there are different rooms with large amounts of one type of item stuffed inside. This is one of the dishware rooms that we spent quite a bit of time in looking through all the china.

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Although I didn't get it during today's trip, my favorite item I've ever purchased from the Florence Antique Mall is this little, hand-painted flowery dish with gold plating around the outside edge. I believe the artist signed it as "Schmell", but I'm not sure it's an "h" in the name. I assure you it looks far shinier and more purple in person. I got it for $6 and am pleased. I use it as a soap dish and occasionally as a jewelry holder.

There are many dish sets for sale in the Florence Antique Mall, but many vendors do sell one-off dishes if you don't want to buy an entire set. I like to collect unique, small dishes to hold various trinkets.

If you use Fiestaware in your home, there is one booth with quite a large selection of those specialty dishes. They carry sets and one-off plates and bowls if you're in need of a replacement.

Final thoughts

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Look at this booth full of cooking equipment! You'll never run out of fun things to explore, photograph, and purchase at the Florence Antique Mall. It's the perfect place for a day trip. They have seating set up around the store if you get tired and need a break. The parking lot they're located in also has some restaurants in it if you need some sustenance.

I highly recommend making a day trip out of visiting the Mall and enjoying some history. Give yourself at least 2-3 hours to shop. It's a great place to find some timeless pieces for your home or to give as presents to willing recipients.

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