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Right next to the tiny Kroger on Mt. Zion Rd. is Chopsticks, a small Chinese restaurant that is incredibly popular with the locals. While waiting for our food today, ten other people filtered in and out, placing orders and grabbing their food. It's best to order online and then pay in person (not able to pay online) because they get so busy.

Inside the restaurant

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Chopsticks is very keen on following regulations. Their dining room is completely closed and part of it is even walled off with a temporary wooden wall. They have a full plastic shield between the staff working in the kitchen and those waiting for their takeout, with a small square cut out for exchanging food and payment.

Pre-pandemic, they had a lovely dining room set up with moody lighting and plenty of tables. We hope to eat inside at Chopsticks in the near future, but they seem to be doing very well with takeout. They do get a lot of customers, so expect to wait a while when you go to pick up your food. Even if you see a crowd of people waiting, go up and tell the staff your phone number. They mark the receipts of people who are on-site so they can do their orders quicker.

You will stand there forever if you forget to let the staff know you're there. Considering how many locals are repeat customers, don't expect them to remember your phone number!

Our food order and favorite appetizer

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My boyfriend always orders #27, which is their Hunan beef combo platter with rice. You can choose to have it with fried or white rice. It also comes with a delicious egg roll, which I always look forward to stealing. This dish is a bit on the spicy side, but the fried rice helps to tone down the peppery chicken. The vegetables are always very fresh and the sauce really helps them stand out in the dish. Chopsticks keeps their vegetables nice and crunchy.

Personally, I always order a pint of the roast pork lo mein and the "chicken sticks". The roast pork lo mein is fantastic, very moist, and filled with fresh vegetables and tons of roast pork. They don't skimp on anything. My favorite part of the meal, however, is the chicken sticks. You get four chicken skewers that have a crispy outside and flaky inside. They aren't called teriyaki sticks, but that's what they resemble. These have no fat on them and are lean and delicious.

We were also offered a free drink as our food took longer than expected to prepare, but we declined. They offer free drinks frequently and we don't want to hurt their bottom line. I think we've been offered a free drink every time we've gone except for once.

Final thoughts

Chopsticks is an incredibly delicious, convenient, and affordable Chinese restaurant. Our total order came to $20.14 for dinner, plus enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The staff is very friendly and they make great food. Chopsticks is our favorite local restaurant to support. Check them out!

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