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La Puerta Azul - Mexican Restaurant in Millbrook, NY

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La Puerta Azul is a lovely Mexican restaurant in Millbrook, NY. I've eaten there countless times for family birthdays, holidays, and casual lunches. They have options for everyone, whether you like chicken, fish, beef, pork, or are a vegetarian. They also carry plenty of gluten-free dishes. I promise, if you like Mexican food, this restaurant will become one of your favorite lunch and dinner spots.

Overall atmosphere and restaurant design
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Everything about La Puerta Azul is very bright and cherry. They have colorful paper lanterns hanging from the ceilings, the walls are a bright yellow, the seat cushions in the booths are orange, and lovely tile adorns some half-walls separating the booths from a lowered seating pit in the middle of the restaurant.

They also have a private room to the left of this area that has a spinning table. It seats approximately eight people, and my family often reserves this room for birthday parties. Quiet music plays throughout the restaurant, and they have a small waterfall near the entrance you can hear if you sit nearby. To the right of the entrance, far away from the dining side of the restaurant, they have a bar with a television for sports or whatever you'd like to watch. They also have an outdoor section with tables and umbrellas for when we have nicer weather.

Our favorite dishes to order
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If you go to La Puerta Azul, you need to get an order of fresh guacamole ($15). They'll make it on a cart right in front of your table so you can guarantee it's fresh. During pandemic times they prepare it in the kitchen to be extra safe, but I promise it tastes just as good. It also comes with some spicy salsa and their wonderful, crispy chips. We've never been to La Puerta Azul and not ordered the homemade guacamole; it's iconic and a must-have for dipping.

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For our meals, my mother and I like to share. I ordered the BBQ pork quesadillas ($13), which have caramelized onions, chipotle aioli, BBQ pork, and Oaxaca cheese. This is my absolute favorite item on the menu, and they come with pico de gallo and sour cream. They're especially excellent with some guacamole, which we always have a ton of thanks to the huge order of homemade guacamole we always order.

My mother ordered the Baja shrimp tacos ($20). You can get 4 corn tortillas or 3 flour tortillas, depending on your preference. They come with beer battered shrimp, cilantro lime slaw, and chipotle aioli. They are also served with sides of rice and beans, and you can add a salad for an extra $2 if you want. These are incredible tacos. They are tangy from the lime and crunchy from the beer batter. The cilantro is not overpowering. The beans are very flavorful, and as someone who doesn't normally like beans, I always enjoy these.

Of the two, I prefer the BBQ pork quesadillas, but they are a heartier, slightly greasy dish. The Baja shrimp tacos are a better option if you want to feel lightly full and like you made a healthy choice. Although we didn't spring for dessert this time, they have a huge list of options including flan, churros, fried ice cream, chocolate tortes, and cheesecakes, to name a few. They also have large coffee and cocktail menus.

Final thoughts
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La Puerta Azul is an incredible Mexican restaurant in Millbrook, New York. I've been countless times and have never had a meal there that wasn't absolutely incredible. It is an affordable place to have a really great meal. If you're looking for a birthday present, purchase one of their gift cards and make someone very happy this year. I cannot recommend this place enough!

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