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Buzzed Bull Creamery in OTR - Cincinnati, Ohio

Rachel Yerks
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My partner and I decided to start off a night of food and bar-hopping by going to Buzzed Bull Creamery in Over the Rhine (OTR). They're a pretty popular and famous chain in large cities.

Overall Atmosphere and Ice Cream Equipment
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This place was really interesting. When you first walk in, there is a decently-sized seating area, and then you see the mixing stations. It looks like the staff mixes the ice cream and liquor first, then sprays the mixture with liquid nitrogen to freeze it. The amount of Kitchenaid equipment they had on hand was impressive - look at all those beaters hanging in the back!
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They definitely give off a bar-like atmosphere, but they don't serve drinks. All the alcohol you see in this image is used in their ice cream. You are allowed to pick which alcohol to match with your chosen ice cream flavor, so be careful you don't choose a disgusting combination. If you don't know what to combine, the staff will give you a range of alcohol suggestions for your chosen ice cream.

Our orders and review of the ice cream
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The final result of all that intensive mixing and nitrogen blasting is not very Instagram-able, but we didn't mind. On the right is my small dish of espresso ice cream with Kahlúa as my "buzz". I also opted for a moonshine cherry on top.

My boyfriend got a small dish of brownie batter ice cream, with chocolate vodka mixed in and crushed Oreos as a topping. He decided not to get a cherry. Moonshine cherries aren't assumed, so if you want one, make sure to specify.

The moonshine cherry served as an instant buzz for me, and tasted gross, as moonshine is in my opinion. It was very effective for a buzz. My ice cream was very smooth, highly alcoholic, and dense. My boyfriend's ice cream was quite good as well, but not as smooth because of his crushed Oreo topping. The chocolate vodka in his dish didn't hit as hard as my Kahlúa, but it was still noticeable in the taste.

We were not able to finish our ice creams, not because of the alcohol, but because of how dense and filling they were. I would recommend getting one ice cream to share. Not to mention they are also quite expensive, with our two small dishes running us $15.50. I can't imagine how large (and expensive) a "regular" would be.

Final thoughts
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Buzzed Bull Creamery certainly caters to drinkers. If you're getting buzzed ice cream, they will ask for your I.D. However, they have plenty of non-buzzed options if you still want to try their great ice cream. They also have a freezer stocked full of both buzzed and non-buzzed flavors you can grab for your freezer. We didn't notice it at the time, but their website also mentions that they have a buzzed espresso bar as well.

*Pro-tip: the napkins are next to the garbage cans in the seating area across from where you walk in.

Overall, the ice cream quality was fantastic, smooth, and very dense. If you are looking for an instant buzz, I recommend getting a few moonshine cherries on top of your ice cream and then enjoying a tamer, more mixable liquor option. We both ordered well and enjoyed our time here. It was fun to watch our ice cream being made and sitting and watching other people's orders being worked on while we ate. Buzzed Bull Creamery was quite busy, with multiple groups coming in and leaving while we were seated. It's definitely a bucket-list-worthy place to visit!

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