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Review: Gomez Salsa in OTR - Cincinnati, Ohio

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During our trip to Over the Rhine (OTR), we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before having some drinks. After doing some research online, we settled on Gomez Salsa. It wasn't fancy, but it was quite tasty and affordable.

Atmosphere and decor
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The restaurant itself is quite small, but they have 4-5 tables set up for people who want to dine in. On their website, the OTR location is only referred to as a walk-up window, so this restaurant space must be a new development. They also have a restaurant in Walnut Hills. Although we stated we were going to eat at a table, our food was given to us in a to-go bag, so I think the staff is quite used to this place being a grab-and-go location.

I didn't think it was the safest place to dine at during the pandemic. There was a large container of forks and napkins on our table when we walked in. Anyone could've touched multiple forks or spilled on the napkins. They looked clean, but it seemed like that container was never changed between customers considering the vast amount of supplies present.

By the time we headed out, there was another person eating inside, another left with his takeout, and someone picked up for food delivery. They were quite busy in the span of our twenty minutes. Our order only took around five minutes to prepare.
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Our order and how we liked the food

My boyfriend commented that their menu is set up similarly to Chipotle's menu. We ordered 3 tacos with carnitas as our protein, in the Baja style for $9. We got the guacamole on the side, which they forgot to give us, but we asked again and got it with no issue. The carnitas meat was superb and the guacamole was perfect. The rest of the taco fixings were your run-of-the-mill nothing special extras but they still contributed to a yummy taco.

We also grabbed an order of chips and salsa for $4. The salsa wasn't liquid and was instead chunks of tomato and onions, which I wasn't a fan of. The chips were very salty and had huge granules of salt visible on them. We thought they might've been a bit stale, too.

We wanted to try out one of their hot sauces, so we got a side of habanero hot sauce for $1. Although I have a medium to low spice tolerance, I wanted to order the buffalo or diablo tacos, thinking it wouldn't be that bad. Thank goodness my boyfriend talked me out of that. I put one prong of my fork into the sauce to try it, and oh my gosh, it was insane. My entire mouth was burning for multiple minutes off the size of a pinhead glob of the habanero hot sauce. Do not drench your tacos without trying the sauce first!

Final thoughts

Gomez Salsa was a quick and easy bite to eat. I would compare it with a slightly better fast-food taco. Think Taco Bell but five times better or something. Bakersfield and Agave & Rye are both on a whole other level with their tacos. For the convenience and price, Gomez Salsa was an excellent choice pre-drinking. We would definitely go back for a quick bite like we did this time, but it wouldn't be a date night contender.

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