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Fuji Steakhouse (Hibachi) in Florence, KY

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My partner and I love Fuji Steakhouse. Pre-pandemic, we had a lovely time sitting around a Hibachi grill watching our and our tablemates' food being made. Although we did not know anyone else at our table, the atmosphere was very fun and we had a great date and were able to talk quietly without being overheard. We had plenty of soup, salad, and yummy tidbits passed our way before eating our main entrees, which were delicious.

The restaurant itself is set up with multiple Hibachi grilling stations, and then there's also a smaller sit-down area for people who aren't having Hibachi and want to dine alone. It's a romantic date spot and is extremely popular, but they have the space to make it feel lively and not too packed.

Pandemic dining and copious amounts of takeout

Although Fuji's dining areas are still open, we did not feel safe enough to dine there. We enjoy Hibachi but didn't want to sit at a Hibachi station. The restaurant is very spacious though, so I wouldn't be surprised if they spaced out Hibachi diners at different stations. We instead opted for takeout, which we didn't realize they offered before now. Fuji is such a fancy restaurant; we were very surprised to be able to order for pickup.

We opted to get a few dishes to share. We started out with some pork gyoza, which is always the highlight of the meal for me in any Japanese restaurant. I wish we had gotten three or four orders of those, as they were gone in less than five minutes. I also ordered some spring rolls, but I was surprised to notice they included meat. I'm not a vegetarian so it doesn't matter as much to me, but my boyfriend agreed they tasted very strongly of chicken.

Along with the chicken tempura, came a side of tempura vegetables, which we got more of than the actual chicken. It looked like the veggies were carrots and sweet potatoes. The chicken was decent, but a bit bland. I did enjoy the tempura veggies, but I wish we had gotten more chicken pieces than we did. If we wanted veggie tempura, we would've ordered that dish.

Perhaps the best items we ordered besides the gyoza were the yakiton chicken skewers and the yaki soba noodles. The skewers were incredible. We only wish there were more than two. The marinade was sweet and savory, and the chicken was perfectly cooked. The noodles were delicious and hearty, but also very greasy. In the future, we'll get these two dishes again along with three orders of gyoza and skip the spring rolls and chicken tempura.

Our total price came out to $58.92 after tax. Fuji is an expensive restaurant, and for dining in, I can see that price being worth it, but for takeout, we may skip in the future. Fuji's price is meant to include an experience, which we didn't feel comfortable having. If you are able to dine in, definitely try Fuji Steakhouse out for a date night! Otherwise, stick to cheaper takeout.

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