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Local Favorite: Fudgy's Ice Cream - Amenia, NY

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We all have certain restaurants and food spots we are incredibly biased about, whether we grew up going to them, worked there at some point, or have a singular, good memory associated with the place. Although I am incredibly biased about Fudgy's Ice Cream, my family, friends, and the vast majority of my out-of-state friends also give it high marks.

Personally, I've been to Fudgy's over 100 times. I daresay my father, whose home theater business Bruce Television is located right down the street, has gone over a hundred more times than I have. Here's why I love Fudgy's so much and what you can expect when you visit.

Author's history with Fudgy's and why it's an amazing local attraction to support

When I was younger and lived in New York, Fudgy's was a ten-minute drive from my house. I'm in my early twenties now, and I've been going to Fudgy's since I was old enough to eat ice cream. My parents made a habit of bringing me there whenever we left the house. The current owners, Tia and Fred Lattrell, have owned Fudgy's since 1997. As a 1997 baby, I never met the original owners who started Fudgy's nearly a decade earlier. The current owners are very kind people.

Because I went to Fudgy's so frequently as a child, I was given a Fudgy's staff shirt to wear as a nightgown throughout my childhood. I loved the staff and got to peek inside the stall every once and a while, as they occasionally used to let little kids in to use the restroom. Otherwise, it's purely a window-order type place, with a small grass area and picnic tables to sit at.

It's also a very popular location for travelers to stop at, as it shares a parking lot with other small businesses and a restaurant. My grandmother also used to own the apartments right next door, so I would be over there with her frequently as it was an easy walkover. If you ask any Amenia local, they know where Fudgy's is, and they love it. It's been a town staple for decades.

The vast array of flavors and kinds of ice cream available
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Fudgy's serves Perry's brand hard ice cream, but they also have soft serve, sugar-free, and hard and soft frozen yogurt. My mother and I enjoy their mint chocolate chip and coffee flavors the best, and we always have it with their sugar cones. My father typically opts for a black raspberry cone or a hot fudge sundae. An unusual offering I sometimes spring for is their flavor burst ice creams, which are vanilla soft serve ice creams with rings of root beer, bubblegum, or another type of flavoring. There are at least ten different flavor options if memory serves. If you're looking to "spice up" your vanilla ice cream, flavor bursts are a great option.

As a sugar fiend, I can't say I've ever tried their frozen yogurt or sugar-free options. However, these offerings have been a staple there for quite some time and I'm sure they're on par with the rest of their quality ice cream. I could not recommend a better place to have a frozen dessert. They have so many different options and are very accomodating.

Final thoughts
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Fudgy's is a classic ice cream spot that's been around for decades. It is an iconic, local favorite that has a wide variety of ice cream flavors, as well as frozen yogurt and sugar-free options. They are extremely affordable. You can grab your ice cream to-go or enjoy their picnic area.

They are located at 4789 NY-22 in Amenia, New York, just on the outskirts of town. If you see a large parking lot and the above sign, you're in the right place. Enjoy the ice cream!

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