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Last week, my partner and I had the opportunity to try some food from the Fabulous Funnel Cakes and More! food truck. There were three individuals running the truck when we walked up, and one man was serving as a "hype person" of sorts, taking orders, asking if we wanted to try even more food, etc.

We got to experience their food thanks to our apartment complex, which hosted them on a Thursday evening. We overheard a discussion that they might be back on a monthly basis if they were popular enough, and it certainly looked like they were. By the time we got our food (roughly five minutes), there was a large crowd of 10-15 people waiting to order. It was a hit.

The staff caters for events at local schools, offices, festivals, picnics, and sporting events. They post where they'll be the next day on their Facebook page if you want to give them a shot after reading about their amazing options.

Menu choices and what we tried

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On their menu, they advertise funnel cakes, fried Oreos, cheesy ranch fresh-cut fries, Sweet BBQ or Mild Buffalo wings, corn dogs, and snow cones. On the day we visited their truck, it was particularly chilly so they were not offering snow cones. As we were originally on our way out to dinner, we didn't want to get anything hearty like a corn dog or wings, but we were afraid the truck would be gone by the time we got back, as they were there for a specific time range in agreement with the apartment complex.

Because of this, we ordered a funnel cake and fried Oreos to share. The powdered sugar made these options incredibly messy, so we ate on the hood of my partner's car. The funnel cake was very light and delicious, and the Oreos were heavily fried and decadent. I do not recommend getting both of these desserts for two people. We had far too many fried desserts that day. Of the two, I liked the Oreos best, but the funnel cake would make any funnel cake fan happy. Pre-tax, our total for a very large funnel cake and 4-5 Oreos was $10, which we thought was quite affordable considering the amount of food we got.

Final thoughts

Next time you're in the area and see the Fabulous Funnel Cakes and More! food truck, stop by and grab some Oreos. Everyone else in line after us ordered corn dogs, so that's what I'll be trying next time! If you want to keep an eye out for them, check their Facebook page for updates. They're in the northern Kentucky and Ohio areas quite frequently!

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