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Review - Taste of Belgium in Crestview Hills, KY

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I'll admit, I've been going to Taste of Belgium for months to pick up their chocolate torte as a yummy dessert. I wrote about it as one of my favorite, relatively unknown dessert gems in the area. However, until last week I had never actually dined at Taste of Belgium and tried their non-dessert food. Here's how my partner and I's dining experience went.

Overall dining environment
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We decided to sit indoors, as the restaurant had its tables very spread out. Our hostess kindly sat us far away from all other patrons, but eventually, we did have a couple sit in the booth behind us at the end of our meal. The Crestview Hills, KY location also has tons of outdoor seating, with the image above showing one of two sections of their outdoor seating. It was a bit chilly on the day we went, and no one chose to sit outside in either section.

The restaurant had lovely music playing, and although there was a large party and a handful of other tables occupied, it was nice and quiet. I took the photographs as we were leaving, and by then the majority of the lunch crowd had headed out. It was the perfect, pandemic-safe place to dine.

Our waiter appeared to be new and in training, as he was not very attentive, but another waiter was constantly checking on us to make up for it. We did tip 20% per usual and had an enjoyable experience.

Our meal choices

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I ordered the signature Taste of Belgium (ToB) burger with bacon, goat cheese, caramelized apples, and shallots for $14.75. All of their burgers come with fries, and you have the option to substitute your meat patty for a Beyond (meatless) burger if you wish for approximately $1 more.

My burger was cooked exactly how I requested. The bacon was crispy and possibly the best part of the burger. However, I found they added far too much goat cheese and that was all I tasted. I tried scraping it off at one point, but it was very thoroughly applied. I felt like I was eating goat cheese with bread. I did not order as well as I would have liked, but my partner ordered brilliantly.

My partner went for one of Taste of Belgium's "brunch all day" options and ordered the Chicken, Biscuit, and Gravy, without the sunny-side egg, for $14.25. It was one of the best breakfast foods I've ever tasted. The chicken was perfect and lightly breaded, the biscuit was fluffy, and the gravy was on-par with the best I've ever had. It was incredibly rich, and we did feel way too full after consuming it. We used my fries to dip in the gravy, which was one of the best parts of the meal. One person's fries is enough for two to three people; there is no need to order multiple fry baskets.

Dessert and other options
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After paying our check, we went to the dessert counter near the exit. The bar is also close to the exit, and there is an extensive number of beers available to order. We decided to get two of our favorite desserts to go; a chocolate torte and a miniature cheesecake. Between the two of us, we split one immediately upon returning home and ate the other after dinner. ToB also has a wide array of cookies that are quite yummy, if you are looking to grab a snack for yourself or a family member on your way home from work. You can pop in the door, purchase a dessert, and leave immediately if you don't want to dine in.
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Final thoughts

We had a great lunch at Taste of Belgium in their Crestview Hills, KY, location. The tables were socially distanced, we had great service, and (most of) the food was amazing. Although the burger wasn't the best I've had, the chicken, biscuit, and gravy my partner had more than made up for it. We also had great desserts to take home with us.

Taste of Belgium is not a cheap lunch option. If you end up getting a beer or another alcoholic beverage, the bill will climb. It's worth a visit, regardless. If you want a cheaper option, go during breakfast hours and have some of their waffles or all-day brunch options. You won't regret it!

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