Every Woman Wants to Shave Her Head at Some Point- and She Should Do it!

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I have always wanted to shave my head at some point. I have very long hair, and when I occasionally cut it short I’m always relieved.

Shampooing takes five minutes, not fifteen, which is incredible and makes me so happy. Unfortunately, I always grow it back out because my friends tell me it looks better longer.

I’m also a shy person and like being able to hide beneath all my layers of hair. It’s a security blanket, forever attached to my being. I feel safe with long hair, blending in with the majority of my fellow ladies, and fitting into society’s ideal of attractiveness.

But when the world went into a global pandemic, I wasn’t worried about hiding — I lived on Zoom anyway, as far as anyone else was concerned.

I could cut it all off. And if I hated it, my hair would grow back before I saw anyone around the holidays.

I’ll save you some time — I didn’t shave it, though I will sometime in the future. Here’s why I didn’t take the plunge and why you should.

Please don’t let me stop you, ladies.

I Have a Square Face Shape and I’m Worried My Head Won’t Look Good Shaved

Some women look great with their heads shaven, but I don’t think I will. I am out of shape and my face has quite a bit of baby fat. I would like to slim it down a bit before I personally take the plunge.

I think my odds of looking good with a buzz cut will improve if my cheekbones are more visible. It’s my preference/knowledge of my body.

I don’t want to cut off all my hair without making sure I meet my own ‘best chance of looking good without hair’ requirements.

I’m not confident enough yet with the rest of my body to rock a buzz cut if I’m not feeling my face.

For people who don’t have an irrational self-hatred of their face, you are good to go.

I’ve Been Dying My Hair for Years and Want to See My Natural, Short Hair

I was born a blonde, but my hair has darkened significantly in the last four years. I immediately started getting blonde highlights the second I noticed, and haven’t stopped since.

My hair has grown out a couple of inches without dye during these past few months avoiding the hairstylist. I want to give my new, brunette hair a chance before sending it to the chopping block.

I’m thinking slowly cutting my hair away may help to alleviate my anxiety about fully shaving it off. It may help you, too, if cutting it all off is your ultimate goal.

Shaving it off for me is a way of starting fresh, both in terms of treating my hair and myself better. I may be able to do that with short, natural hair, too.

If you currently dye your hair and haven’t experienced it in its natural shade in a while, think about doing that first. Going from hair to no hair is a bit drastic when you could take the step from dye to no dye first.

I Lack the Self-Confidence to Rock a Buzz Cut

Perhaps the most important reason. I hope it doesn’t apply to you.

I mentioned I like to hide behind my hair. It’s a welcome security blanket — I can hide an eye, my ears, even the wrinkles in my neck behind a curtain of blondeness.

I haven’t been to the gym in quite some time, and I’m not in shape. I feel like it takes a special kind of woman to rock a buzz cut, and she doesn’t need to be skinny, either.

She needs body confidence.

I’m working on that. And when I get to the body and mindset I need to feel confident, the hair is going. Unless I fall in love with my natural hair in a short style, which would be great too.

I’m not going to force myself to get a buzz cut as the ultimate sign of womanly confidence. I’m all for customizing the ‘rules’.

No expectations to be found here.

You Should Get a Buzz Cut

If you like low maintenance hair and want to spend less time in the shower and brushing it every day.

If you want to stand out and are confident enough to take the attention. If you want a change, and to start embracing a minimalist life. If your hair is unhealthy and starting fresh sounds fun.

A whole lot of ifs. Your hairstyle is completely up to you. I think cutting off your hair is a great way to get in touch with your other, beautiful attributes that may have been hidden behind those long locks.

I’m too scared to do it, but I really want to take the plunge. I envy those who do. Buzz cuts look amazing and allow your other attributes to really shine.

If you were looking for a sign to cut it all off, this is it.

My hair weighs me down. I hate having to spend an hour a day washing it and brushing it. It’s heavy and hurts when pulled on, whether I catch it on jewelry or in a door.

I have to bring a hair scrunchie with me for every car ride or I’ll be blinded every time the windows get rolled down. [Who wants to take a car ride without the windows down?]

On the flip side, I’ve had complete strangers in NYC ask to take pictures with me because my blonde hair is “so beautiful”.

One time, I went to a famous NYC salon and got 9 inches cut off, and when the owner came over after the cut was done, he was absolutely horrified. He couldn’t believe I would do such a thing, for comfort, no less.

These experiences further cemented the value of hair as one of a woman’s best features to me, something I understand but disagree with.

For now, I’ll be letting go of the pressure to remain a blonde, and grow out and cut off my dyed hair. If I don’t like the brunette I’m left with, I’ll buzz it.

Check-in with me in a few months.

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