Choose Your Sweatpants and Tank Tops Carefully for a Happier and More Fulfilling Life

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I have a crowded closet like most people. I have work outfits and I have comfy casual wear and around the house clothing. My casual and around the house clothing brings me a huge amount of happiness, and it’s worth curating your comfy clothes to do the same for you.

There Isn’t a Single Item in My Dresser I Put Back after Picking Up

When I open my dresser to look for a shirt, I have many options and I like all of them. I don’t buy or keep any shirts that are uncomfortable or I think I look bad wearing.

[These are my casual clothes — I’m not talking about any of my fancy work clothing in this article.]

I have 2 tank tops of one style in different colors and 7 tank tops of another style in many colors. The 2 are my around the house/pajama tanks, and the other 7 look great with my jeans.

I like all the colors I chose. I prefer neutrals, so I have blacks, greys, and whites, but I also have a dark green, dark red, and a purple tank.

You don’t need to go the tank top route. Pick what makes you comfortable and get it in a bunch of different colors for some variety. Don’t be afraid to mail back clothes you don’t like and get a refund, or sell them online to clear out space for clothing you like better.

Quality Clothing Isn’t Always Expensive

My favorite lounge shorts are from H&M. I have five pairs of booty shorts I love. They’re great to sleep in, exercise, and do chores in.

They’re $13 a pair right now, but I got them on sale for $7. None of the pairs have any tears or holes, and they are all at least a year old.

The five pairs of shorts are in 3 different styles, and I wear each pair at least once every two weeks. H&M makes good shorts.

However, big brands like H&M aren’t the best option, planet-wise and human-wise, so get clothing from smaller companies if you can afford to, or buy big brand clothing secondhand. Help a thrifter out if you can — Poshmark’s a great site to buy from secondhand sellers on.

Don’t Shop by Gender, Shop by Comfort

Stores are typically split up into two sections: male and female.

As a woman, I tried on my boyfriend’s Goodfellow sweatpants and was sold. They come with a crotch pocket and everything, and I own three pairs.

Yes, they are a bit baggy, but I love them. In fact, my friend recognized me FROM BEHIND while she was driving by my street because of my “baggy ass cargo sweatpants”.

I got a ride and a nice conversation because of those pants. I probably shouldn’t wear them in public, but they’re just so comfy.

I love to match that particular pair with a black tank top and call it a day. I am incredibly cozy and warm and comfortable, with room to grow a food baby.

In my opinion, they don’t look half-bad, either.

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be limited by what you’re supposed to buy. Purchase what makes you happy and comfortable — even if they aren’t from “your section” or aren’t tight enough for society.

Keep Your Unique Clothing You Enjoy but Rarely Wear

I have three gorgeous skirts I cannot get enough of. They are wrap skirts that flow in the wind and have beautiful spiral patterns painted on them like watercolors.

People call these types of skirts boho or other, worse names. I got all of them at different festivals I went to with my mother. Two are orange and one is blue, and they match perfectly with a pair of my gladiator-type sandals.

I haven’t seen anyone else wearing the same skirts I own, and sometimes I get weird looks when I wear them shopping. I don’t wear these skirts often, but I treasure them and would never get rid of them.

If you don’t wear something often but still love it, keep it. Only get rid of clothing you find yourself avoiding when you open the dresser.

Match All Items of Each Type of Clothing

If you have found the most comfortable pair of socks you have ever worn, why do you have other pairs of socks? Get more of those socks and donate the rest!

When I find the “perfect” item, I get it in multiple colors. I don’t look for more tank tops when I already have five versions of a very comfortable tank top.

I have two types of socks: ankle and fuzzy, winter socks. The fuzzy winter socks are all the same, and the ankle socks are all the same. You know what works best for you, so set yourself up to experience the best every day.

My current ankle socks have holes in them. I’m looking into a set from Bombas to replace them. Bombas is the only brand I wanted to mention in this article because I know they are such a great company to purchase from. They donate one pair of socks to the homeless population per pair bought. [Not sponsored, just love them.]

The socks are quite expensive because the company needs to be able to donate a pair while still making a profit, but my mother has one pair and they’re her favorite socks she owns. She raves about them all the time. You’d think they were $100. [they aren’t]

Create Your Ideal, Comfortable Loungewear Wardrobe and You’ll Be Much Happier

Clothes don’t make everyone happy, but they can. I open my drawers to my cheap, around the house clothing and am comforted.

Everything in those drawers is easy to pull on, feels good on my skin, and makes me look good. I am happy knowing my wardrobe is making me feel like the best version of myself possible — before I begin my day.

Sell or donate the clothing you don’t like, find what you do and buy it in many colors, and don’t buy more than you need. I’m not encouraging clothing gluttony here — simply having enough clothes to wear so that you don’t run out of comfy clothes before your next laundry run.

Keep the fun pieces you rarely wear because they’re fancy and that makes you feel good sometimes, too.

It’s nice to buy these pieces of clothing when you are having an adventure, whether you are visiting another country or going to a local fair. You will think about the fun memories every time you wear that piece.

Get started and become happier, one small step at a time. Tomorrow there will be fewer steps to take than there were today :)

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