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New York City is great because it has some of the best food in the world. Whether it’s pizza, deli sandwiches piled high, or bagels - you can’t find anything better than what you get in New York City. One of my favorite foods to get in the city is bagels. I am originally from Maryland, and it’s just so hard to find even halfway decent bagels there. So naturally when I moved to NYC I was so excited to try all of the different bagels that the city has to offer.

And as I suspected, I have yet to be disappointed by a New York City bagel. So I wanted to share some of my favorite bagel places in the city with you guys. Like I said, bagel shops are everywhere throughout the city, and honestly they are probably all good - because I don’t even think it’s possible to get a bad bagel in New York. But here are my picks for some of the absolute best bagels in New York City:

Ess-a-Bagel (Midtown)

Now this first bagel place is honestly my top pick. It’s one of the best bagels I have ever had in my life and if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying an Ess-a-Bagel yet, you definitely need to! This shop is located in Midtown, Manhattan (831 3rd Ave). While they only have one location, they do supply their bagels to local restaurants throughout the city, so you can always find an Ess-a-Bagel nearby. Like I said they have delicious bagels, tons of spread options, sandwiches, salads and more!

H&H Bagels (Upper East Side & Upper West Side)

Next up is H&H Bagel, another NYC institution with incredible bagels. They have several locations throughout the city, one on the Upper East Side (1551 2nd Ave), one on the Upper West Side (526 Columbus Circle), and two locations in JFK and Laguardia Airports. They opened in 1972, and they still use the same classic bagel recipe, and have tons of bagels, cream cheeses, spreads, and smoked fish.

Bo’s Bagels (Harlem)

Another great local bagel spot is Bo’s Bagels located in Harlem, Manhattan (235 W 116th St.). Bo’s Bagels is a small family owned business that makes handmade bagels and delicious deli favorites - probably the best bagels in Harlem!

Tal Bagels (Upper East Side & Midtown)

Next up is Tal Bagels which is located on the Upper East Side (333 East 86th St and 1228 Lexington Ave.) and one location in Midtown East (977 1st Ave). This is another great classic place to get delicious NYC bagels, and they also carry smoked salmon, nova, AND lox on their menu!

Bagelworks (Upper East Side)

Bagelworks is also located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan (1229 1st Ave). Their bagels are slightly different from some of the other places on this list, which probably is what makes them so popular. They make smaller and denser bagels and their menu carries lots of kosher and traditional jewish dishes - delicious!

Bagel Hole (Park Slope)

Another bagel place that is a must visit is Bagel Hole located in Park Slope, Brooklyn (400 7th Ave, Brooklyn). They serve the best hot, crispy, and chewy bagels and they have tons of bagel varieties and spreads. Bagel Hole definitely has the best old fashion New York Bagel in Brooklyn and is definitely worth a trip!

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