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I don’t know about you, but I usually have very little motivation to workout most days. I know I should be motivated to workout and live a healthier lifestyle but honestly, it’s really difficult sometimes. Fortunately however, living in NYC provides so many great opportunities to be healthier. The city is always where the coolest and trendiest events are taking place, and in terms of workout classes are no different.

I know when a workout class has some extra fun element to it, I am so much more excited to workout than I am just going to the gym to take a regular fitness class. So I just love living in the city where every time I turn around there is literally a new fun and exciting unique exercise class for me to try out!

One of the coolest new workout classes in the city is yoga on the Edge. First of all yoga classes are SO great for people who don’t work out all that often. Like I said earlier, I am not good at staying on top of my workout routine. And because of that I am often out of shape, but no matter what shape I am in, I always feel great after a yoga class. Because yoga is not an aerobic exercise, and you can go at your own pace it’s such a great way to get in some exercise without feeling like you are dying.

So that brings us to yoga at the Edge! If you don’t know, the Edge is one of New York City’s newest observatory decks, and it just has the most incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. I love a great view, and the Edge definitely does not disappoint. Their yoga classes are 6:30 am to 7:30 am on Thursday mornings which is a great time to get in a workout before work. The cost is $50, and you get an hour long beginners yoga class, a complimentary gift bag of wellness products, and 15 minutes after class to enjoy the view of the Edge!

So if you are looking for a fun, different, and cool new way to workout definitely give the yoga class on the Edge a try!

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