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Hidden Gems In NYC - Rubirosa

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I have already done a few of these, but there are just so many good restaurants in NYC that are too underrated and need to be shared with the world! Rubirosa is located in Nolita, on Mulberry St. and it’s in the heart of NYC neighborhood italian restaurants. They are most known for their pizza, and not even just regular pizzas but their tie-dye pizza specifically. And, they have a full menu of delicious italian classics that are all amazing.

Because Rubirosa is located in the heart of Nolita, you know it’s going to have the best Italian food. Also, the surrounding neighborhood is just so nice and cute. I don’t know if you’ve ever explored Nolita, but it's definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. They are currently offering indoor and outdoor seating in their sidewalk patio that is just perfect for a nice summer afternoon or evening dinner outside.

So now let’s talk about the food - it’s incredible. I tried a classic pepperoni pizza while I was there, in addition to their famous tie-dye pizza (because I just had to!). Their classic pizzas were absolutely delicious and I seriously couldn’t recommend them more. AND in addition to their amazing classics, their tie-dye pizza was just about the most delicious thing I’ve ever tried! I seriously can’t even tell you how good it was, you really just need to try it out for yourself!

Their famous tie-dye pizza includes a vodka sauce (creamy tomato sauce), tomato sauce, and pesto sauce, all topped with fresh mozzarella. The mix of all of the different sauces make for such a unique but amazing tasting pizza - it’s a must try! They also have a great wine selection and tons of fun summery cocktails, which are perfect for an evening out!

So if you are in downtown Manhattan (even if you’re not - go there now!) and try out Rubirosa. Whether you want to dine in at their cozy restaurant or pick some up (with some cocktails to go) and take in home and enjoy a lazy evening at home - Rubirosa is the place to try! #hiddengems

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