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So if you haven’t seen my posts - 50 blog post ideas for fashion bloggers and 50 blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers - definitely go check them out! But I figured it was time for the beauty blogger’s list. So here you go, 50 beauty themed blog post ideas:

  • Share your all time favorite makeup products

What are the products that you just couldn’t live without?

  • What are your favorite drugstore products

What are the products that are super inexpensive but you still love?

  • What are your favorite high end products

Share the products that you splurged on, and were totally worth every single penny.

  • Which makeup brushes are a must-have in your collection

Which makeup brushes are your favorites - where are they from? What do you use them for?

  • Share your top skin care brands and picks

Let us know which products your skin loves!

  • What are your favorite perfumes and fragrances

Are you a perfume lover? Then let us know which ones are your favorites!

  • What are some good perfume dupes for less

Do you have any perfume dupes that are super cheap but smell exactly like the originals they were inspired by? Let us know!

  • Where do you shop for your makeup

Sephora, Ulta, drugstores, department stores? Where do you get the best makeup finds?

  • Where are the best makeup deals you’ve found

Where have you found good makeup deals or sales on quality makeup?

  • Give an everyday makeup tutorial

What does your everyday makeup look like?

  • Give an glam makeup tutorial

Show us your special occasion, full glam makeup!

  • Give a special effects or halloween makeup tutorial

Have fun and do a crazy halloween of FX makeup look!

  • What are your favorite nail polishes

Which brands do you love? Which brands are super chip resistant? Which colors do you love?

  • Share a manicure tutorial / how you do your nails at home

Show us how you do your own manicure at home.

  • What are your favorite face masks

Which brands do you love? What kinds of face masks are your favorite, sheet masks, clay masks, peel off masks?

  • Share a face mask DIY

Have a cool face mask you can make yourself at home? Share the recipe with us!

  • Do a tour of your makeup collection

Show us your stash!

  • Share how you organize your makeup collection

Then show us how you organize your stash!

  • What are your everyday makeup essentials

What are the products that you use on a daily basis?

  • What are the best travel makeup products

What are your favorite small or travel size makeup products to use when you go on vacation?

  • Make a beginners guide to skincare

Give an introductory course into skincare - what are the best brands and products?

  • What are your best skincare tips for dry skin, acne prone skin, etc.

Tell people your tips and how you deal with your skin problems whatever they may be!

  • Share your everyday skincare routine

Share your morning or nighttime skincare routine, what are the products you use and why?

  • Give a tutorial on how to to a DIY facial

Tell us how you give yourself an at home facial!

  • What make products to save vs splurge on

What makeup products are worth the cost, and which products should you save your money on?

  • What are the best cruelty free makeup products/ brands

Cruelty free makeup brands are becoming very popular, so why not share your favorites?

  • What’s your “no makeup” makeup look

Which simple, minimalist, and natural products are your favorite for a “no makeup” look?

  • What’s on your beauty wish list

What are the products you’ve been dying to try?

  • Share a collection of pretty nail art inspo

What are some pretty manicure designs that you love and want to try out next time you go to the salon?

  • Share some dupes for popular high end products

Which drugstore products are just as good if not better than their high end counterparts?

  • What are your product empties

Tell us about the products that you’ve completely used up? Would you repurchase?

  • What products do you regret buying

Share some products that you bought and were not happy with.

  • Share a recent beauty haul

Share some of the products you bought on a recent beauty haul.

  • What are your most used makeup products of all time

What are the products that you’ve used the most over the years (or repurchased the most over the years)?

  • Review a monthly subscription box (like Ipsy)

If you have a monthly subscription box, then do a monthly series reviewing the products!

  • What have been your favorite beauty products this month

Another great monthly series idea - share your favorite products from the previous month.

  • Share some makeup dos and don’ts

Teach people the correct way to apply their makeup.

  • Give a tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes

Give some tips and tricks on easy false lash application.

  • Review a new product you’ve recently tried

What’s a new product you’ve tried recently? Did you like it? Would you recommend it? Let us know!

  • What are your favorite long-lasting lipsticks

Give us the low down on your favorite lip products!

  • What are some sustainable makeup swaps to make

Whether it’s sustainable makeup products, reusable makeup wipes, let us know how we can help the planet while looking beautiful!

  • Makeup looks or products for fall, summer, winter, or spring

Share your favorite makeup looks for the different seasons.

  • Share a festive holiday makeup tutorial

What’s a glam and festive makeup look perfect for the holidays?

  • What are current makeup trends that you love (or hate)

What’s trending in the makeup community and more importantly what are your thoughts?

  • Give a 5 minute makeup tutorial

Teach us how to do our makeup super quick!

  • Share how you contour

Give us a quick tutorial on how to get the perfect contour.

  • Who are your favorite beauty bloggers

Who are the beauty bloggers or makeup artists that inspire you?

  • Which beauty brands are your all time favorite

Which beauty and makeup brands do you love and why?

  • Share how you used to do your makeup in high school

This is always a funny throwback - a good way to have a laugh at yourself!

  • Share a tutorial of you doing your friend’s, sister’s, mom’s, etc. makeup

Do a makeup tutorial on a friend or family member - show how you would do someone else’s makeup!

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