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As a writer and blogger, I know that writer's block is SO real. I've spent hours trying to figure out what to write blog topics on, and sometimes I still just come up with nothing. So I decided to put together a list of all of the great fashion related blog topics I could think of. I have written blog posts on some of these topics, but a lot of them are new, and even I haven't used them yet - so I know I certainly will be using them in the future! And if you ever need some inspiration I hope you can refer back to this post and use some of these ideas too!

So here's 50 fashion related blog post ideas for when you are completely stuck on what to write about!


Share your outfit of the day

What are you wearing today? Take some quick pics and let your followers know what you wear on a day to day basis. You can even use an affiliate link to share where your outfit is from, and potential earn commission!

What are your favorite styling tips

What are the style rules you live by? What are some cute and different ways you like to wear clothing?

Share 3 ways to style a piece of clothing

Again, share some of your styling tips by telling/showing your followers how to style 1 piece, like a blazer, a pair of jeans, a button down, etc, multiple ways.

What are your spring, summer, fall, or winter fashion essentials

What are the pieces in your wardrobe that you cannot live without in the different seasons? Is it a structured blazer for the fall, a floral and flowy sundress for the spring - let us know!

What are your favorite accessories

What’s the bag that you use all the time, your favorite shoes, the belt you love?

Share a recent shopping haul

Share your recent fashion purchases - another great opportunity to use affiliate links and earn some money!

What are your favorite stores to shop at

What are your favorite stores? Where do you always find the trendiest, most unique, or cutest pieces?

What are some outfit ideas to wear as a wedding guest

Give your followers some ideas and inspiration on what to wear to a wedding. Whether its a formal wedding, a casual wedding, an outdoor event - give your followers some inspo!

How to still dress cute in the heat of summer

What are your tips for looking good while spending time outside in the heat of summer?

How to dress cute in the cold of winter

And on the other hand, what do you wear to stay warm in the cold of winter, while still looking cute?

Office appropriate outfits

How do you like to look trendy and chic while still being dressed appropriately for the office?

How to dress for a date night

Give some outfit inspo for a date night!

Best sales to shop this season

When are the sales at your favorite stores? What are going to be the best times to shop this year?

Your favorite wardrobe basics

What are the basic everyday pieces that you can’t live without?

What are your favorite pairs of shoes

What are your favorite everyday sneakers, your favorite heels for going out, etc.?

Your favorite designer purchases

Share which designer purchases have you splurged on and been so happy with.

Your favorite inexpensive pieces

On the other hand, what pieces have you purchased that were an incredible deal?

Share a thrift haul

Share your thrifting experience, and what pieces you found.

Show a thrift flip you've made

And after you’ve shared the pieces you’ve bought share how you transformed an item into a cute and trendy piece!

Review a new clothing brand you’ve tried recently

What’s a new store or brand you’ve just tried out for the first time? Whether it’s a new trendy store that everyone has been raving about or an undiscovered hidden gem - let us know!

Best clothing pieces under $100

What are some purchases that you’ve made under $100?

What outfits you wore this week

Make a mini vlog of your outfits of the week. Share what you did, and what you wore this week.

Who are the people your look up to for fashion inspo

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration? Is it a celebrity, another fashion blogger, or maybe even a friend or family member?

Who are your favorite designers and why?

Which designers do you absolutely love?

Tell us about your fashion journey

Show your followers your style evolution. How did you become interested in fashion? What inspires you to be a fashion blogger?

Rate some of your old high school, college, etc. outfits

Especially if you have had a huge style glow up, laughing at your old cringey outfit choices is always funny.

Make a guide on how to copy your favorite celebrity’s style

Which celebrities are you style icons? Teach your followers how to dress like them and copy their style!

What were your favorite outfits that you wore last month

I love to do this in the form of an instagram round-up of my favorite outfit posts from the previous month!.

Holiday outfit ideas

Share some festive and fun holiday look inspo!

Style your friend, mom, sister, etc.

Share a style transformation of someone you know! How would you dress them according to their body type, their own personal aesthetic, etc.

A tour of your wardrobe

Give a mini tour of your closest, share some of your favorite pieces!

How you organize your wardrobe

You can also share how you organize your wardrobe, and what storage solutions you have to make your wardrobe look great.

How to declutter your wardrobe

And of course you can share how you are decluttering your wardrobe. Which pieces is it time to part with?

Share your favorite shopping tips

What are some shopping tips that you like to use? How do you save money and get the most out of your shopping experience?

What’s on your wishlist

Share some pieces that you want to buy for the upcoming season.

What you are packing for a trip

Where are you going, and what are you going to wear while you’re there?

Outfits you wore on your trip

Share a little recap of your trip and which outfits were your favorites.

Your favorite loungewear pieces

Since loungewear has become so big since everyone’s been working from home during quarantine - why not share where you love to buy the comfiest loungewear pieces.

Your workout fashion pieces

And in addition to lounge wear, why not share your favorite workout sets that make you feel cute and motivated to exercise.

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers

Which fashion bloggers do you love? Which fashion bloggers have inspired you?

What are your tips on creating a perfect outfit

What is a perfect outfit to you and how would you style it?

How to dress like the characters on your favorite tv shows

Teach your followers how they can achieve the style of their favorite tv show or movie characters.

Save vs splurge

Which items would you save on and which items would your splurge on?

Share a tutorial on how you alter clothing

Share a tutorial on how to hem pants or sew on a button that’s fallen off.

Share a fashion DIY

Another great tutorial idea - share how you’ve bleached a piece of clothing or a fun tie-dye project that your followers can DIY.

What are your favorite fashion trends for the upcoming season

Make some predictions on what is going to be all the rage in fashion in the upcoming seasons. What are the pieces everyone is going to need in their wardrobe?

Share how you are styling a current fashion trend

And after you’ve made some trend predictions, share how you will be wearing it or styling it this season!

Share how you style clothing pieces in different colors

Pick a color, any color and give some outfit inspo!

Create a lookbook

Whether it’s seasonal outfits, outfits for certain occasions, create a lookbook to provide your followers with all of the outfit inspo!

Share your most worn fashion pieces

And lastly share which pieces in your closest you have worn the most!

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