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I’ve been an online content creator/ blogger for about two years now. While I wouldn’t say I’ve got the biggest following, or that I make the best content ever, I feel like since I’ve started I have improved SO much. I would like to say that it’s all thanks to me just becoming an amazing photographer suddenly overnight, but unfortunately that’s just not the case. I am still just a mediocre photographer at best. But that’s just not a problem these days there are so many incredible apps that make taking photos and videos (and editing photos and videos) WAY easier than it’s ever been.

I wanted to take a moment and just introduce you to some of these apps that have made my life in content creation so easy. Some of these apps might be kind of obvious, ones and maybe some of them you’ve never heard of or never used - either way I hope you find this list helpful because I know I use these apps on a daily basis.


Firstly, I want to talk about some of my favorite apps that help with photography. I feel like the majority of the content that I make is either writing (in my blog posts) or photos (which is basically 50% of my blog posts - and 90% of my instagram). So I guess you could say that photography is a pretty important part of what I do, and like I said I am at best a mediocre photographer. So I am very thankful for these apps because they can help me create interesting and beautiful photos out of my kind of boring and ordinary photos and I just love it!

  • Lightroom

The first app I want to talk about was an absolute game changer for me in terms of my photo quality. It took me years to finally download and use the Lightroom app because I was such a fan of the VSCO app for a long time when it came to editing my photos. Now, I’m not saying the VSCO app isn’t good for editing photos, however, ever since I started using Lightroom, my photos have just looked AMAZING.

Lightroom has so many editing functions, to make your photos look perfect, and there are thousands of presets you can download or buy to just edit all of your photos with literally one click! I’ve recently downloaded a preset and it could not be easier now to edit all of my photos. AND since I’m using the same presets on all of my photos they all have a similar look, which helps my feed look so cohesive and aesthetic.

  • Photoshop Fix

The next app I love for photo editing is the Photoshop Fix app. This is a great app for touching up any photos. I don’t typically use this app to touch up my face or anything like that because that can be tricky to do without making your face look crazy. So if you are looking to edit your face the Facetune app is probably the one to use!

But like I said I love the Photoshop Fix app because it allows me to do little touchups in my photos. For example, if I am standing in front of a wall and there is an outlet that’s exposed that I don’t want in my photo then this app can easily remove it for me! The Photoshop Fix app also allows you to edit, smooth, lighten, and change the colors in photos (which can be super helpful in creating a beautiful cohesive feed too). I occasionally use some of the other functions but I mostly just use the healing feature to touch up my photos.

  • Picsart

The last app that I use while editing my photos is the Picsart app. Now this is one of my favorite apps because it allows you to do so many fun things while editing your photos which I love. Picsart has a thousand cool options of things you can edit your photos with, you can add cool stickers, change the colors, make fun layouts, add backgrounds, effects, and so on. I went through a phase where I used to love adding lots of fun effects to my photos, but I haven’t done so much of that recently for the purposes of my cohesive feed. However, I do still like to use the layouts features and effects on the images I use in my Instagram stories!


Another big aspect of my online presence is videos. When I first started out I was making a ton of videos - and I’ll admit, I’ve been a little slacking in making videos recently. But I am hoping to get back to making more because they are just fun to watch and honestly I have fun making them too (even if they are time consuming). So these are the top 3 apps I use for editing all of my videos!

  • Videoleap

Now when it comes to making videos - I don’t think I could do it without the Videoleap app. This is the only video editing app I use because you can do everything on it and it’s SO easy to use. You can crop videos, resize them, speed them up, slow them down, add music, and more. There are literally so many ways to edit your videos on this app and like I said it couldn’t be easier.

Not only does this app have so many great features but it’s also free which I love! There is a pro version that does cost money - but honestly I can do everything I need to on the free version which is just amazing!

  • Tezza

The next app I love for editing my videos is the Tezza app. Now you can use this app to edit photos as well as videos, but usually I just use it to edit my videos. The thing I love most about this app is that you can add filters to your videos. In the Videoleap app that I mentioned before, you can edit the videos in terms of brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc., while the Tezza app is almost like adding a lightroom preset to your videos - again giving them all a cohesive look.


And of course I have a couple of other random apps that I use in my content creation process that I wanted to share. I don’t necessarily use these apps to edit photos or videos, but I still find them SO important when creating content.

  • Grid Planner

The first of my random apps that help with content creation is a grid planner app. I actually use two different versions of essentially the same app to plan out my Instagram feed. As I’ve mentioned many times in this post - I’m all about the cohesive aesthetic feed at the moment. The easiest way to create this is by planning your feed with an app so you can see exactly what your feed will look like as you post new photos. The two apps that I use are called The Grid and Preview. Both are free apps that let you upload your photos and see how your feed will look.

  • Pinterest

And last but certainly not least - Pinterest. I find this app to be so crucial when creating content because there is just endless amounts of inspiration on this app. Whenever I find I am lacking in creativity or don’t know what kinds of content to create - I just browse Pinterest for a few minutes and all of a sudden I’m so inspired!

Let me know what your favorite apps are for content creation or just taking/editing photos in general! And if you haven’t tried any of these definitely give these a try - I just know you’ll love them.

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