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We are finally into January, and even though I am SO happy to see 2020 gone, at the same time, I am sad to see the holiday season go. I don’t mind the cold weather when everything is so festive and exciting during the holidays, but when the new year hits and the fun’s over, it’s just boring, cold winter - ugh. I know January has just begun, so really winter has just begun too. We still probably have 3 good months of cold before it actually gets warm again - so until then, I guess I’ll be bundling up in my favorite winter outfit.

I wanted to share my go-to winter outfit for 2021 - because why not. I am not really going to a whole lot of places, but I am going into work, so this outfit (and variations of this outfit) have been my go-to for cold weather days. This outfit is basically made of 4 pieces that I love and am constantly mixing and matching with other pieces in my wardrobe. My go-to outfit is comprised of mom jeans, an oversized sweater, a moto jacket, and combat boots. It’s super causal, perfect for any everyday occasion and comfy and warm for the cold winter months.

Mom Jeans

Starting this outfit with my favorite jeans - mom jeans. I honestly don’t even know what I did before mom jeans existed because I can’t imagine life without them. I know that sounds a little dramatic to say I couldn’t live without a pair of jeans - but I’m so serious here. If you don’t already own at least one pair of mom jeans, I highly recommend investing in a pair or two - because they are flattering on everyone and so much comfier than skinny jeans.

This is my favorite pair of mom jeans because they have the paperbag waist - how cute! These are from Topshop - I actually got them from Nordstrom, but Topshop/Nordstrom is definitely my favorite place to buy mom jeans. I find the Topshop mom jeans to be the perfect vintage inspired cut that looks like the classic mom jeans from the 90s that we all knew and loved.

Oversized Sweater

The next piece of this outfit is the chunky oversized sweater. I think it’s no surprise why this is part of my go-to outfit in the winter. Nothing is cozier or warmer than an oversized sweater. I love the fit of an oversized sweater especially tucked into a pair of high waisted mom jeans - I think it just looks so cool and trendy. If I want a sweater to be oversized I will often buy it in a size or two up just to make sure I can achieve that chic and super trendy oversized look.

This sweater is from H&M, which is one of my favorite places to buy all of my favorite sweaters. H&M has a great selection of sweaters, especially these oversized and cropped turtlenecks that are perfect for winter. I also love sweaters from Zara and Target. All three of these places are great for basic sweaters because they have such a great selection and the prices can’t be beat!

Moto Jacket

The third part of this outfit is of course this gorgeous moto-style jacket. I love a good leather moto jacket and this one is just perfect. Not only do I love the style of it, but the color is so pretty and unique. I really don’t have anything else like it in my closet. Again, like the sweater this jacket is also pretty oversized (I bought it in a size up from what I normally would). Just like my sweaters I sometimes like to buy my jackets in a size or two up so they have a more oversized fit - and that way my oversized sweaters will fit comfortably underneath.

This moto jacket is part of the Danielle Berstein collection from Macy’s. Danielle Bersein’s collections at Macy’s always have the cutest pieces, including leather jackets like this one that is just perfect for winter. While this collection is a little bit on the pricier side (comparatively speaking), I find it to be totally worth it. Investing in a nice jacket like this, that can be worn in so many ways and will be a staple in your wardrobe, so it will definitely get it’s wear. That being said Macy’s is a great place to buy these slightly more expensive staple pieces because Macy’s is always having great sales and you can still get a great deal!

Combat Boots

And of course the last ingredient in this outfit stew - the combat boots. I think combat boots may be my favorite type of shoe to wear in the winter time. They are super comfy - this pair I can literally wear all day long with no issues. I am the person who’s feet are constantly covered in blisters from my shoes being uncomfortable so any shoes (especially boots) that I can wear all day no problem are good in my book! I also love the look of combat boots because they give you such a cool girl vibe. You can pair them with jeans and a moto jacket (like I have here) for an edgier look. Or pair them with a floral print mini skirt or dress and you’ve got a soft and cool look.

This pair is Tommy Hilfiger, from Macy’s Backstage. Macy’s Backstage is constantly getting new goods every day - so it’s always a good place to check out, however it can be a little hit or miss, just because you don’t know what they are going to have. Two of my other favorite shoe brands that have super cute combat boots are Steve Madden and Doc Martens. Both of these brands are pretty well known for their boots styles and they are both great quality too!

So I hope you enjoyed this little break down of my current favorite outfit for the winter. Let me know in the comments if you own any of these pieces - or what pieces are your go-to in the winter!

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