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So, if you don’t know me, here’s a little fun fact, I’ve been blogging since about 2015. I’ve learned quite a bit about blogging since then, including developing my current content creation process. I’m not going to lie, it has taken me a while to come up with the perfect formula for creating my blog and social media content (and it’s never going to be perfect - as I feel like this is something that I will always be getting better at and trying to improve).

The biggest thing that I’ve found is that writing and maintaining a blog is a lot of work (especially if you are posting regularly). Between keeping up with social media (which I try to post on every single day) and actually writing articles for my blog, it’s very time consuming.

Like I said, I started my first blog in 2015, and honestly that blog was a little bit of a mess, because I not only had no idea what I was doing, but I just didn’t realize how much time I would need to commit. I had no real plan or schedule in terms of working on that blog, so sometimes I had time to post 3 times a week, and other times I wouldn’t post for months.

When I started my current blog, Rachel On Trend, I knew that I wanted it to be different this time around. I was completely committed to this blog and making sure that I was posting regularly. And I’m not going to lie, I found it SO difficult. It was difficult until that is… I started batch creating my content.

Now I’ve found creating my content in bulk is the easiest way to balance my work/blog life. Working full time and blogging doesn’t leave me with a ton of free time. So when I create a month (or even two months of content) in a day or two, I then have much more free time.

What is Batch Content Creating?

Now if you haven’t heard of batch content creating… let me tell you! It’s a game changer. Basically what I do is take a day (or maybe a weekend) filming, taking photo shoots, writing blog posts, etc. so that throughout the month or coming weeks, I can have plenty of content ready to post without having to worry about it.

While batch content creation, means a day (or two) of longer photo shoots, writing, editing, etc. Ultimately, it gives you more free time, and less stress over what you’re going to post every day.

How I Batch Create (And You Can Too!)

Step 1 - Collect Inspiration

The first step in batch content creation is collecting inspirtaion. I am constantly saving photos and videos on instagram, pinterest, and tik tok, and all my social media channels for future inspiration. When I am about to have a content shooting day, I will look through all my saved photos and videos to remember what I liked, and what I want to take inspiration from! An important note here - I don’t like to straight up copy other people’s content because that’s just not cool. Rather, I draw inspiration from people’s content (i.e. they did a cool pose in their photo, shot at a cool location, etc.).

So once I go through all of my saves, I typically will take the images that I draw the most inspiration from and create a mood board. Now this isn’t necessary, but I like to do this, so that while I am shooting content, and I feel like I need a little more inspo, I can just refer back to my mood board and remember exactly what I want to do. (Image)

Step 2 - Plan

After I have all of my inspiration gathered, and my mood board created, I will plan out my schedule. Like I said I work full time, so I will see when I have a day off or a weekend where I am not busy, and I will plan out all of the content I want to shoot. What I like to do is create a list of all of the exact photos, outfits, videos, locations, etc that I want to film. Now this may seem excessive or extra, and honestly it probably is. However, I find when I am shooting a lot of content at one time, if I don’t have a list my mind will go blank and I can’t remember any of the things that I wanted to film. So for me having a pretty detailed list of what I want to get done is SO helpful. (Image)

Step 3 - Film & Shoot

The next step in batch content creation is actually shooting. As I said before I typically have an inspiration mood board, and my detailed list of what I am planning on shooting with me. Then I will spend a day shooting. Sometimes I get a little over ambitious with my content list, and instead of spending one day filming, I will actually take two days to film, but overall I usually only spend one or two days a month actually filming. (Image)

Step 4 - Edit

After everything has been filmed, I will upload all of my pictures and videos to my phone and begin the editing process. Now my content editing process is a whole other story (and honestly could be a whole other blog post - let me know in the comments if you are interested in a little behind the scenes of how I edit my content!). So I won’t go too into detail about my editing process, because this post will literally be twice as long if I get started talking about editing. BUT I will edit my content at the same time so that it’s all ready to post! (Image)

Step 5 - Figure Out Feed & Posting Schedule

Once all of my content is edited and ready to post, I will plan out my feed and a posting schedule. For instagram this is pretty easy because my posting schedule is every day. On other social media channels, I don’t have as regular of a schedule, which is something that I am continuing to work on, as I am constantly trying to improve my blog.

But as I said, instagram is a daily thing for me, so that’s super easy for me to figure out my schedule. Next I want to plan out my feed. There are several grid planning apps that you can find through the app store for free, I use two different ones (One is called Planner and the other is called The Grid). Both of these apps are super simple apps that allow you to put your photos into a grid and rearrange them into an order that you like. This is so helpful because you can see what your instagram feed will look like, and if you want to have that perfectly aesthetic feed - a grid planning app is an absolute must have!

Now for my blog and other social media channels, like I said I don’t always post super regularly. So with these platforms, when I have my content edited and ready to post I typically use an excel sheet to plan out when I want to post certain content. This I find is especially helpful when I have seasonal content that needs to be posted within a certain time frame. I can keep my schedule organized and remember to post everything that I’ve created.

Step 6 - Write Captions & Post

So the last step, which is a pretty obvious one, is writing captions (for social media content) and then actually posting. I know that there are apps that allow you to have blog posts and social media posts scheduled and post automatically, but I honestly prefer to just have drafts of my content saved, and post them manually when I am ready. I know this is a little old school, and it does take up more time, but I like to be online when I post things (especially on instagram), so that I am able to engage with any comments, likes, or messages I may receive.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my batch content creation process. I will say that I still occasionally shoot content outside of my batch days (especially when it’s content that needs to be filmed in a timely manner, and I want to post while it’s still relevant).

But for the most part, I love shooting all of my content in big batches once, maybe twice a month. Since I started creating my content in batches, I’ve not only had more free time, but I’ve found I no longer have to stress over what I am going to post every single day, because my content is already planned out and created!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried batch content creating, or if you have a different content creation process that works for you!

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