7 Super Easy Ways To Start Living A More Sustainable Life Right Now

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I know I don't typically talk about super important issues - most of my posts deal with fashion or growing your instagram page. Not super important in the grand scheme of things (I know), but today I figured, I'd write about something a little different. While I absolutely love fashion, there's other important issues that I wanted to talk about on my platform. And one of those issues is sustainability. I feel like sustainability is one of those words that you hear people throw around all the time. But what does it really mean? And why does it even matter? Welp, let me tell you!

Essentially sustainability is adopting practices that will support ecological and economic health as well as social responsibility. Sustainability is based on the idea that the resources we have on earth are finite, and if we use up all of these resources - what kind of world are we leaving behind for the future?

It’s so important to not only think about the immediate consequences of our actions, but how what we do now will affect our planet in the future. I think that sustainability has become a huge trend as of recent because people are slowly coming to the realization that we can’t maintain this quality of life for long.

If you think about it, how much energy do you use in a day? Or how much waste do you produce in a day? For me, it’s way more than I’d like to admit. If I just think about the food I eat in a day, it’s all wrapped in some sort of plastic that isn’t recyclable, and goes right into the trash, where it will sit in a landfill (probably forever). And that’s just me - imagine that number of trash multiplied by billions - every single day.

Now I know it seems pretty much impossible to change our lifestyles so completely. And I often feel a little hopeless thinking about just how much needs to change in order to “save” our planet and our futures. But with that being said there are some little things that everyone can do SO easily. Things that will have almost no impact on your day to day life - things that if everyone started doing would make a huge impact, and would be a huge first step in leading more sustainable lives.

So if you want to start being better and living more sustainably here’s 7 super easy things you can start doing immediately that will help you lead a more sustainable life.

1. Skip the plastic shopping bags and use reusable bags.

This is such an easy, easy habit to pick up. I know most cities have begun to (or have plans to) start charging for plastic bags - and honestly they should. It’s so easy to just bring a reusable bag with you when you go shopping, so why wouldn’t you? I know it’s usually only 5 or 10 cents for a plastic bag which doesn’t seem like much, but over time even that small change will add up. So why not save some money and help the environment by limiting the amount of plastic bags out there?

2. Opt for an email receipt instead of a paper one.

This is another habit that is SO easy! So many stores have added the option to receive email receipts instead of paper receipts. I find this to not only be more sustainable, but also more practical. I am constantly losing receipts and just finding trash receipts all over my car, room, and purses. And if I do want to return something I literally have to root through my entire life to find one little piece of paper - or I can just do a quick search in my email? Yeah I’ll do that - SO much easier.

3. Replace your lights with LED bulbs.

This is a quick switch you can do in your home to save energy and reduce waste. LED bulbs are proven to last longer, and use less energy. And if your light bulbs are lasting longer, you are using less light bulbs, and therefore - you have less dead bulbs ending up in the landfills polluting our planet.

4. Buy your produce at local farmers markets.

This is another habit to pick up - that just makes good sense. I know especially in the spring and summertime (even into the fall season) there are so many local farmers markets. Not only can you get way better quality, better tasting, and the freshest produce you’ve ever seen - but bring your reusable bags, and boom! You’re saving on the wasteful packaging too! I love to go to the farmers markets in the summer with my mom, they are so much fun to walk around and explore and trust me when I say the difference between the produce at farmers markets and the grocery store is MAJOR!

5.Invest in reusable water bottles.

Now, I can remember being in high school and taking a plastic water bottle to school with me every single day - EVERY DAY! Ugh it’s painful to think about how all those plastic bottles probably ended up in the trash and are now littering the planet. But now I haven’t bought a plastic water bottle in years. I am all about the reusable bottles. I have so many super cute bottles, so not only are they more fun than a boring plastic disposable bottle, but SO much better for the environment.

6. Get some reusable k-cups for your keurig.

Again an easy switch to a reusable product is the k-cups. I love my keurig but all of those cups that go in there end up in the trash - SO much waste. So a few years ago my mom bought some reusable k-cups, and now we just buy a pack of our favorite dunkin donuts coffee and use our reusable cups. Not only does it create less waste but it also saves money as buying a bag of coffee grounds is way cheaper than a small pack of k-cups!

7. Use a pressure cooker to prepare your dinners.

Pressure cookers (like the instant pot) have become so popular in the past few years. Not only are they so easy to use and versatile (you can literally make anything with them), but they are so much better in terms of energy usage! Pressure cookers cook food faster using less energy, therefore they are much more sustainable than traditional cooking methods!

Let me know if you have any easy tips for living more sustainable in the comments below! I’d love to know. I think if we all start practicing sustainability (even just by changing some small habits) we can make a big difference in not just our quality of life - but the quality of life for future generations too.

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