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The holiday season is finally here, and I mean it really could not come soon enough, 2020 was quite the year, and I think we’re all ready to relax a little, celebrate the holidays, and ring in the new year. I normally am not big on gift giving because honestly, I’m just not very good at it. However,I think this year I felt more pressure than ever to buy meaningful gifts for my friends and family. After the year we’ve had, it just feels good to do something nice for your loved ones, because we probably all need it after all the craziness we’ve been through.

As I said, gift giving, and coming up with great gifts that people are actually going to want is a little bit of a struggle for me. If you are anything like me, you have at least one person in your life that is impossible to buy gifts for. Every year I find myself spending so much time, trying to figure out what to buy for my friends and family, and honestly it gets stressful. And as I said, this year has been a rough one, so I wanted to think outside the box a little bit.

I figured why not put together a little guide of unique gift ideas for the people who already have everything they could ever want or need (which, honestly is probably most of us). When figuring out what to give as gifts, I wanted to find some things that would be a little more unique, not just more random crap that is ultimately just going to clutter people’s homes and lives. So I hope that these are some ideas that maybe you didn’t think of before, and can use for your friends and family this year!

Consumable Gifts

Consumable gifts are one of my favorite gift categories. A few years ago, my brother went on a big green kick, and now all he wants for gifts are consumables. It makes complete sense. Consumables are not only more sustainable, but you know you're not going to end up giving someone something that’s going to sit in their closet for the next 10 years, until they eventually throw it out. Everyone consumes food and drink, so it’s really the perfect idea, you almost can’t go wrong. So this year instead of cluttering up everyone’s house with junk that they don’t need (and let’s face it - don’t want), give them a treat that they can consume!

Here’s some of my consumable gift ideas that your family and friends will love:

  • A bottle of your favorite wine
  • A variety pack of festive holiday flavored beer
  • A set of sweet smelling lotion, soap, shower gel, etc. - perfect for a spa day at home
  • Scented candles - always a safe bet, I love to keep my house smelling great with scented candles
  • Bath bombs - again perfect for a DIY at home spa day, and SO relaxing
  • Cooking sauces and spices - a variety pack of fun flavored hot sauces, different types of olive oil, jams, anything you can think of really, is perfect for food lovers

Homemade Gifts

Another unique gifting category is the homemade gift. Now I’m not talking about a 5 year old making a macaroni necklace for mom because no mom wants that, even when her kid is 5. A nice homemade gift is not only going to be unique and one of a kind, but it’s something that you took the time out of your day to make, which makes for such a sweet and heartfelt gift. I know the idea of homemade can be a little intimidating, especially if you feel like you’re not super crafty or artistic, but trust me there are SO many ideas that don’t involve any artistic ability, and everyone can easily make!

A few homemade gift ideas that literally anyone can make that your loved ones will appreciate so much:

  • A handwritten christmas card - even if you aren’t artistic, take the time to write a nice note (on a card you made or a store bought one) about how much your loved ones mean to you
  • Cookies - who doesn’t love a fresh batch of cookies at christmas?
  • A box of your favorite recipes - for those who love to cook a collection of your favorite recipes that they can now make is super thoughtful
  • Handmade candles / soap
  • Easy knit scarves / blankets - I see hand knitting tutorials online all the time, and they look pretty foolproof

Subscription Gifts

Subscriptions are huge right now. I don’t think I know a single person who isn’t subscribed to at least one movie / tv streaming platform. So why not give that as a gift? Pay for a month (or even year) of something that your friends and family are already subscribed to and love - because that’s just one less thing they have to spend money on. And since they are already subscribed, you know it’s something that they will actually appreciate and use! Or you can subscribe them to something fun and new that they’ve never tried, or something you know they’ve always wanted to try!

Here’s some fun subscription ideas anyone would love to get:

  • Netflix, hulu, disney plus, etc. - because who wouldn’t want a free month / year of entertainment?
  • Monthly subscription boxes - ipsy, fit fab fun, glossybox, etc. lifestyle subscription boxes delivering cool stuff to your friends and family monthly
  • Beer / wine subscriptions - perfect for the beverage lovers in your life
  • Hello Fresh subscription - My friend tried Hello Fresh, and for Christmas the next year gave everyone a trial of it, such a good idea

I hope you guys enjoyed these unique gifting ideas! And if your family and friends are anything like mine (and already own WAY too much stuff) they hopefully will appreciate some of these gifts. If you guys have any other unique gift ideas definitely let me know in the comments below - I’d absolutely love to hear them, because it’s never too early to start thinking about next christmas! #nbholidaycheer

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