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So we’re in the thick of December now, and I think our warmer days are mostly behind us now for at least a few months. Because of this, I figured it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite winter wardrobe essentials with you guys!

Now as a self proclaimed fashionista, I’m always trying to look stylish and cute, ever since I was a little kid. If it came to being warm or looking cute, honestly I’d probably choose looking cute. But now, I’m older and wiser, and I’ve learned that I don’t have to choose. There are so many ways to look cute and fashionable while still being nice and toasty, and it’s honestly so life changing! So if you don’t already own these winter wardrobe essentials I would highly recommend investing in them asap!

Teddy Bear Coat

First up, let’s talk about coats. I think the warmest, coziest coat I’ve ever purchased was my teddy bear coat. I purchased mine last year and it’s honestly one of the best coats you will ever own. They are super trendy right now and can make any outfit look instantly cute. I also got mine in a size bigger than I normally would have just to increase the amount of coziness, and it’s perfect!

Long Wool Duster

Next of course, we have the wool coat. I think a long wool duster is something that everyone needs in their closet, in at least one color (I have one in black, grey, and a green plaid - and I love and wear all three constantly). A Long wool coat is something that will just never go out of style - it’s timeless. Not only is it timeless but so chic too. And in addition to looking so fire, the long coat keeps you SO warm (trust me that extra length adds a ton of warmth, it’s like wearing a blanket around your legs). But in short, a long coat instantly makes any outfit look put together and stylish.

Puffer Coat

And the last coat, that is essential for any winter wardrobe - the puffer coat. In recent years the puffer coats have become SO super on trend, and honestly I can understand why (I’ve even seen puffer hats and scarves to match your puffer coat - amazing!). But the puffer coats are such a great way to stay warm, believe me when I say that puff adds so much insulation! I have a puffer coat that is quite puffy, because that’s just what I like, I think the super puffy coats give you such a cool girl vibe. BUT if you are looking for something a little slimmer there’s tons of packable/down puffer coats that are just as warm with about half the volume.

Blanket Scarf

Now, moving on from coats, scarves are probably the next most important thing in my eyes. And nothing will keep you warmer than a blanket scarf. I love to wrap a big blanket scarf around my neck to keep me so cozy in the winter. I can remember wearing blankets scarves to school while sitting in cold classrooms and literally wrapping them around myself like an actual blanket - it was perfect and so handy.


One of my absolute favorite clothing pieces to wear in the winter is a turtleneck. I used to hate turtlenecks so much and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them, then somewhere along the line I bought one, and I’ve never looked back. They are the perfect layering piece, underneath dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, blouses, you name it. I also love that you can buy insulated turtlenecks that are designed to keep in warmth and that will increase the warmth even more, which is just incredible. Not only will you be super warm, but you’ll be looking super cute as well!

Fleece Lined Tights

These were an absolute game changer for me. I love wearing dresses and skirts, but in the winter time, even with regular tights underneath, your legs can still get quite cold. I first bought a pair of these fleece lined tights a few years ago, and I just couldn’t believe how much warmer they were than regular tights! I love that I can still wear all of my super cute dresses and skirts and not have to worry about my legs being completely frozen. I’ve also layered a pair of fleece lined tights underneath leggings, jeans, and trousers, for an extra layer of warmth and it works so great!

Over The Knee Boots

In terms of foot wear, my favorite shoes to wear in the cold are over the knee boots. They provide the most coverage of your legs, so it makes sense that they are keeping your legs the warmest. I also love over the knee boots because you can wear a nice thick pair of fuzzy socks underneath them for even more warmth, and no one will even know!

Gloves & Hat

Now, this may seem like a fairly obvious one, and I mean it is, because most sane people don’t need to be told to wear gloves and a hat, but I feel like I never used to wear these, and I was always freezing… can’t imagine why? But anyways, it’s incredible how much heat you lose out of your head and hands, so wearing gloves and a hat (or earmuffs / a headband) can really make the cold weather so much more tolerable. I especially love a pair of fleece lined gloves, just like fleece lined tights, they are just so warm and cozy and amazing, perfect to keep your hands nice and toasty.

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters are super trendy right now which is so perfect because they are so cute and cozy for the winter weather. As I said before, I just love to layer an oversized sweater with a turtleneck underneath. This is the perfect combo for cuteness and warmth!

Cape / Poncho

And lastly, a poncho or cape is another great way to stay super warm in the cold. A cape or poncho is literally a blanket that’s acceptable to wear in public, and honestly I just think that's amazing! I even wear my poncho around the house when I’m feeling cold because I find it less bulky and easier to move around in than wearing a blanket draped over myself. But when I’m not in the house, I typically wear my poncho underneath my coats as another layer, but on days when it’s not too cold, you could even wear it as your coat.

Let me know what your favorite winter fashion pieces are in the comments below! What can't you live without in the cold to stay nice and cozy?

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