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Wardrobe staples. I hear this term thrown around all the time, but what does it even mean? Well to me it's the pieces in my wardrobe that I can't live without. These are the pieces that I feel are timeless, I can wear them now, and I'll probably still be wearing these pieces 10 years from now. I always love to know what other people's wardrobe staples are, because they are going to differ from person to person, depending on your style, and what you feel most comfortable in. So I figured I'd not only share what my wardrobe staples are, but some of the different ways I like to style them, because wardrobe staples should not only be the pieces that you wear constantly, but the pieces that you can style lots of different ways - hence, wardrobe staples!

Mom Jeans

A couple of years ago I bought my first pair of mom jeans and honestly I’ve never looked back. I find mom jeans to not only be the most comfortable, but the most universally flattering style of jeans. They just look good on everyone and if you don’t already have (at least) one pair in your wardrobe, I would highly recommend investing in a pair.

  • The first way I love to style mom jeans is with a crop top. I’ve always been a little self-conscious, and the thought of crop tops used to make me absolutely cringe. But when it comes to mom jeans - they are the perfect match to crop tops. Even if you are self-conscious (like me) and don’t want to show your stomach, then mom jeans go perfectly with crop tops because the high-waisted fit will keep you nice and covered up! I find a some of my crop tops even show just a little bit of skin with my mom jeans, but it’s just a sliver, so for the most part I feel covered.
  • The second way I love to style mom jeans is with an oversized sweater. I am pretty petite (only 5’) BUT I absolutely love an oversized sweater. There is just something so comfy and cozy but yet also somehow very chic about a sweater that is a size or two too big paired with some mom jeans. This is one of my go-to outfits in the winter, and it’s super easy to layer a turtleneck or long sleeve tee underneath a large sweater for some extra warmth!
  • And last but certainly not least I just love to style mom jeans with a smart blouse. I am a huge fan of a blouse that is a little on the dressier/more formal side, but I find I don’t have a ton of formal occasions to go to (especially when we are in lockdown during a global pandemic… yay.). So a little trick that I love to do is style my dressier blouses with a fun pair of mom jeans. This dresses down the blouse just enough for everyday wear, and won’t have everyone asking you why you are so dressed up (I mean people still think I’m probably too dressed up, but as someone who loves fashion and playing around with different looks, I get that a lot).

White Button Down

A White button is such a closet staple. And I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you that you need a basic white button down in your wardrobe, but just in case… YOU NEED A WIHTE BUTTON DOWN IN YOUR WARDROBE. A white button down is such a classic piece, that has always been in style and will never go out of style. The styling options for a white button down are endless, but these are three of my go-to looks.

  • So my current favorite way to style a white button down is with a sweater vest. This is super on trend right now, I’m sure you’ve seen this look everywhere this past season, and I have a feeling this trend will continue on into next year too. The sweater vest and button down combo looks super cute with jeans and booties for a more polished look or joggers and sneakers for something a little more casual.
  • Another way I often style my white button downs is tied up with a pair of high waisted jeans. This is such a super easy and casual look that is also so chic and effortless. I have a short sleeve white button down that I wear tied up in the summertime like it’s my job. Then in the winter I trade out the short sleeves for my traditional long sleeve button down and it always looks perfect!
  • And lastly, I love wearing a white button down with a sweater overtop. This is such a traditional look that has been around forever. I can remember styling button downs like this when I was in middle school, and I am sure I will still be styling the same way when I’m 80. I love the little pop of the collar out of the neckline of the sweater and to roll my sleeves up and show the button down a little more. This is a great way to add a little something extra and switch up the look of a basic sweater, and it’s a great way to add an extra layer in the winter, which is always a bonus.

Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are probably my all time favorite style of boot. They look good on everyone and they are so chic and easy to style. I always used to feel like I was too short for over the knee boots (as I said before, I’m only 5’ tall), so I wrote them off as something I could never wear. BUT that of course all changed when I finally gave in and realized how much better they looked than I thought they would. My over the knee boots make my legs look like they are a hundred miles long and I just love it. They literally give me legs for days and who doesn’t want legs for days? I know I do!

  • So how do I style over the knee boots? My favorite way is to pair them with a long sleeve dress that hits just above the knee. I find that that little sliver of my thigh that is showing is all the skin I need to show to look and feel amazing. The length of the dress is perfect with the height of the boots and totally elongates my legs (as I said before - legs for days).
  • I also love to wear my over the knee boots with leggings. I find that when I wear pants with my over the knee boots they need to be something that’s a little tighter. As much as I love my mom jeans (and a good straight leg jean) I find that too much fabric tucked into the boots tends to look a little bulky. I love a slim pant usually leggings (sometimes skinny jeans) in over the knee boots because it cuts down on the bulky-ness and elongates the legs so much! I usually just pair my leggings and boots with a cute blouse or sweater in the winter to finish off the look.
  • And of course I can’t leave out my other favorite way to style over the knee boots - with a midi skirt or dress. This is again a great way to style your boots when it is cold outside, as pretty much all of your legs are covered. I love a flowy midi skirt that can just brush over the tops of your over the knee boots, and again provide lots of warmth, while still looking super cute!

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