How To Improve Your Instagram Story Game (Ideas, Engagement, and More!)

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I think one of the best social media tips I’ve ever heard was to utilize every feature the platform provides. So when it comes to Instagram, the app is going to favor those users who post reels, guides, IGTV, stories, go live, etc. often. It makes complete sense. Instagram created these features so their users would utilize them. However, it can be so daunting. Not only do I have to post pictures every day, but now I‘ve got to post videos, guides, stories… it can be a bit much at times.

When I first started my account I never posted stories, mainly because I just didn’t know what to post or more importantly, what I could post that my followers would actually care about and want to watch. But now I’m at the point where I am posting on IG stories every single day, multiple times a day (of course there are those days where I just need a break from social media, and don’t post on my stories, but the days I do post far outweigh the days I don’t).

So if you are struggling with what to post/how to just up your IG story game, I got you! Here’s all my tips and tricks for killing the IG story game.


I think the biggest struggle is trying to figure out just what to post, so here’s my list of go-to ideas that will work not for just one single story post, but you can post these ideas time and time again!

  • Share a new post, reel, IGTV, guide, etc. - Let your followers see what’s new on your profile. With Instagram’s ever changing algorithm, it’s difficult to know for sure that every one who follows you is seeing all of your posts (and if your like me, and follow over 1000 people, there’s just not enough time in the day to scroll through everyone’s posts), so adding your new posts to your story will help you get even more eyes on your content.
  • OOTD - Share what you’re wearing and provide some outfit inspo for your followers.
  • A Shopping Haul - just went shopping? Show your followers what you bought! Tell them about the products - are they things you’ve never tried? Your old favs? Let us know!
  • Your Meal - Show your followers what you’re eating currently, or everything you eat in a day, your favorite recipe, a quick and easy snack, or a yummy beverage!
  • Selfies - when you’re feeling good snap a selfie, because why not?

  • Your wishList - Wish lists are another great idea for stories, especially if you have a Like To Know It account. You can link products that you want to buy and post them in your stories and potentially make some money while you’re at it!
  • Quotes - I love a good motivational quote for stories. Some of my favorite accounts that make beautiful quote graphics are @quotesbychristie @thevioleteclectic @arielleestoria @morganharpernichols and @melsysillustrations (not quotes but gorgeous sketches - also a great story idea).
  • Aesthetic Pinterest photos - Pinterest is just full of aesthetic photos and wallpapers that make great stories. You can even add your own quotes or text to them to just talk to your followers!
  • Accounts you love - another great way to not only support accounts and bloggers you love but also boost your engagement! A win-win!


Now that you’ve got tons of great ideas - the key is getting people to actually watch these stories you’ve posted now. I will say consistency is key with getting views. When I only posted IG stories sporadically, I barely got any views, but since I’ve been posting stories (almost) everyday, those views have doubled. And that’s just with my own followers viewing my stories. There’s also some great little tricks to getting story views from not only your current followers, but people who don’t follow you - which can lead to more followers, engagement, and ultimately more views!

  • Tag your location - This is a great way to get your story viewed by new people. When you tag your location, anyone looking through the stories of that location can see your story. When you click on who has viewed your story, you can even see how many people have viewed your story from the location tag (aka people who don’t follow you).
  • Tag relevant people/brands/products - Another great way to gain traction on your stories is to tag relevant people and brands. If you post a story and tag a brand/person then they can repost it to their story and potentially share your story and account with their followers expanding your reach like crazy! I will say only tag relevant people/brands because tagging popular people and brands in your story just for attention is super annoying and usually not received well, so only tag those who are actually relevant to your story!
  • Use relevant hashtags - Did you know you can use 10 hashtags in every story? Now you do. And just like the location tags, anyone bowsing a hashtag can see the stories you’ve posted with those hashtags! And if you don’t want hashtags ruining the aesthetic of your story, then change the color of your text to the same as the background and then size down the text to be super tiny, and no one will even see them! And again, just like tagging brands and people - keep hashtags relevant to your story / niche.
  • Include a poll , quiz, or slidebar - These stickers are all available on IG stories and are super easy to use and incorporate into your story. Adding a poll, quiz, or slidebar will allow your followers to just quickly tap a button to interact with your story and this will increase your engagement - SO easy!
  • Ask a question/ Let your followers ask you a question - another easy way to boost engagement (and views) on your stories is the questions sticker. You can either ask your followers a question (or recommendations, advice, etc.) or host a Q&A and have your followers ask you questions!

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