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Surprising Things I Do & Don't Miss 10 Months Into The Pandemic

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Last March, before the Oklahoma City Thunder abruptly canceled its game after a positive COVID-19 test on the opposing team, sending home the already assembled crowd, I had a routine of things I regularly did. These things felt like necessities. However, after 10 months, I've realized some of them weren't.

Things I don't Miss

There are a variety of things I thought I must have, that I really don't miss.

Salon Visits

Every four weeks, I went to the salon to get my hair dyed with a trim every other visit. Sure, it took at least two hours every time I went, which was tough to work into my schedule sometimes, but it seemed worth it to keep my rapidly graying roots covered. The price wasn't cheap either — often more than $150 with tip.

Once the pandemic hit in full, the salon was shut down for more than two months. My gray hair kept growing, though. Out of desperation, I tried eSalon, and while it's not exactly the same color I got at the salon, it covers the gray and is a great solution for much less money and time. The more I do it myself, the better I get at it. I don't think I could effectively do something like highlights or go dramatically lighter with my eSalon kit, but it works very well to cover my grays and keep my color vibrant.

I miss my hairstylist. Although I finally broke down and even did my own at-home haircut, which turned out reasonably nice, I will eventually go back for the occasional haircut once I've been vaccinated.

Nail Salon Visits

I never liked going to the nail salon, but I wasn't good at painting my own nails. Plus, the polish chipped after a day or two. I'd gotten into the habit of getting dipped nails, which lasted a long time. However, their upkeep was every two to three weeks. The cost was $40 plus a tip, and the time was anywhere from 1.5 hours up depending on how busy the nail salon was.

I never found the visits relaxing in any way, but I did appreciate that having my nails done helped me not bite or fidget with my nails, which is a bad habit I'd had since age five.

For weeks during the first few months of the pandemic, I struggled to get my dipped nails off my fingernails. I cut them down, filed it off, and was left with a major mess. There wasn't much I could do about it.

Over those same weeks, I couldn't watch a video or look at anything online without seeing an ad for Static Nails. Finally, I broke down and ordered some of their pop on nails, not expecting much. Boy, did they overdeliver! These nails truly last well over a week and are reusable. At $14 to $16 per set with multiple uses, I will never return to the nail salon. It only takes me about 10 minutes to do my nails.

Grocery Store Shopping

Grocery delivery is truly the best thing since sliced bread. I don't foresee ever going back to regular grocery shopping again.

Things I Do Miss

Although I learned some things I can do without, there are some things that I desperately want back in my life.

House Cleaning

I desperately miss having my house cleaned every two weeks. It's even worse now because, for 10 months, my two children, my husband, and I have been at home mostly non-stop. It's impossible to get the whole thing cleaned at once these days. I will happily go back to this expense.

Eating In Restaurants

I miss going out to dinner. Takeout is great, and we've enjoyed it, but there's still some cleanup associated with it. Also, no matter how hard you try, it's always a little cold compared to having it at a restaurant. Plus, I used to actually get dressed up for date night, and I rarely do that for date night at home.

My Kids Going To School

Although distance learning has been fine, and in many ways even great, I know my kids miss going to school in person. They are ready to see their friends and teachers again, and I am ready for them to get to go. Hopefully, soon it will be safe enough.

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