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How To Get A COVID-19 Test At CVS In Stillwater, OK

Rachel Dillin

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Because the Payne County Health Department didn't do any COVID-19 testing in more than a week and the State of Oklahoma ended its contract with IMMY Labs, we ended up struggling to find testing in Stillwater this week.

Our daughter tested positive for the virus, and we received the results late Monday evening after her test at Access Medical Center located at 275 S Perkins Rd on Friday. AMC was easy to make an appointment online, and we arrived, only waiting a few minutes before they called her back. I tested too, and my test returned negative.

Monday evening, we decided to test my son, my husband, and me on Tuesday. After asking for advice from others locally, we decided to book an appointment at CVS online. To book the appointment, I answered several questions about my exposure and uploaded my insurance card's front and back to help things go more quickly the next day.

Shortly after I scheduled, CVS texted me this video for what to expect. My son is 15, and he was a bit taken aback by the self swab method, so I promised to help him through it.

We showed up at our appointment time on Tuesday morning with all three of us in the car. I'd had to book three consecutive appointments spaced 10 minutes apart. There was a line at the drive-through pharmacy window, and we ended up waiting 20 minutes until it was our turn.

Finally, we made it to the window, and we communicated through the intercom to the pharmacy technician inside. She took all of our confirmation numbers and prepared our packages. We received a link to our email to download an app to receive our results. After she did a few minutes of paperwork, she sent three paper bags through the pickup drawer.

Each bag contained a paper with our names and dates of birth, which we confirmed. There was also a vial, an unopened nasal swab, and a plastic bag. The pharmacy tech walked us through our self swab one at a time. We also could've chosen for all three of us to go together.

The process was fairly straightforward. We inserted the swab one inch into one nostril, rotated it three times, and then held it there while the pharmacy tech counted to 15. Then, we repeated the process on the other nostril. After that, we unscrewed the vial, placed the swab in it, and broke off the long end at a perforated breakoff point. We tightened the vial and ensured it wasn't leaking, placed it into the plastic bag with our paperwork, and sealed the bag. We placed the sealed plastic bags in a dropbox attached to the side of the building.

After that, we drove home and waited for the results. We tested on Tuesday morning, and my husband got a text saying his results were ready just after 11 p.m. on Wednesday. I obsessively checked my app, but mine wasn't there. Around 2:15 a.m. Thursday morning, I received texts that my son's and my results were ready. Because I was so anxious, I looked at them right then.

Unbelievably, all three of us were negative. Our daughter had quarantined in her room and worn a mask when she walked across the hall to the bathroom. We've carefully cleaned the bathroom after she used it. So far, her symptoms have been mild with stuffiness, a headache, and losing her sense of smell last week. Those have all gone away now. The rest of us have felt what seems to be allergies. Perhaps it's possible that we managed to keep the three of us COVID-19 free.

Overall, CVS in Stillwater was a good place to get a test without having to go indoors anywhere. It was free with our insurance. The self swabbing was not a big deal.

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