Millions of people want monthly payments from the government

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As you know, the cost of housing and living expenses are going up more everyday due to inflation. In the state of New Jersey inflation is costing households approximately $445 more every month.

So, how would an additional $2,000 per month help your financial situation right now? That's what Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner, said when she created a petition that requests $2,000 monthly stimulus checks for all Americans. This petition now has over 3 million and forty-eight thousand signatures on it at the time of publishing, so clearly it's resonating with a lot of people.

The city of Austin, Texas implemented this concept by sending out monthly checks of $1,000 to 85 households at risk of losing their homes — an attempt to insulate low-income residents from Austin’s increasingly expensive housing market starting in the summer. (source) Perhaps this idea could have more traction than you might think and could even work in New Jersey.

What you can do if you think this is a good idea

If you support this proposal, one of the best things you can do is to sign this petition and you can also let your government representative know that you want more relief during this time.

What do you think about the idea of a fixed stimulus coming each month?

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