Many customers hesitant to use self-checkouts in stores

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Self-checkout registers are absolutely everywhere. Sure, using self-checkout can be faster and more convenient at times. Employers like self-checkout because it reduces labor costs. But not all customers are happy using self-checkouts. In fact, 67 percent of customers surveyed have encountered a self-checkout kiosk that simply didn't work correctly. Professor Adrian Beck reports that self checkout doesn’t benefit the economy or help customers: “If you had a retail store where 50% of transactions were through self-checkout, losses would be 77% higher” than average.

“Consumers are not very good at scanning reliably. Why should they be? They’re not trained.” —Adrian Beck

Some Attorneys Recommend Avoiding Self-Checkouts

Because of these reasons, some people don't recommend using self-checkouts at all, such as criminal defense attorney, Lindsey Granados, said in a video that shoppers in the US have been charged with larceny, even when they did not mean to steal anything. See video below.

So, for individuals that face this sort of problem, even if they aren't convicted of shoplifting, they still would likely have to hire a lawyer which can be costly.

What do you think about self-checkouts?

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